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Hunan Cuisine 韶山沖 in Shanghai

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Shaoshan 韶山, Hunan is famous for 2 things – Chairman Mao and spicy Hunan food. So when a restaurant is called ShaoShanChong 韶山衝, you can imagine the association with the region’s favourite son and the fiery cuisine it offers.


Chairman Mao was born in this place.

Food: 3/5, limited choices. Ambiance: 3/5, cheesy. Service: 3/5, patchy. Price: RMB 60-80 pax.


地铁:地铁二号线南京西路站3号口 修改
停车: 电视台旁的弄堂里或对面南证大厦车库,约10元/时,自费,沿石门一路行驶至南京西路,向东进入南京西路,停车入口在路南,停车地址和收费仅供参考,请以实际为准。


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