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Kum Gao Kei 金九記 @ HK

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Seafood in Hong Kong IMHO is the best in the world. Not only do they have the variety due to the central location among the producers in the regions plus an excellent logistics hub that bring in the delicious morsels from faraway lands, the cooks in Hong Kong have always never fail to excite me in their culinary inventiveness. However, prices range from astronomical to right down to earth. Kum Gao Kei is in the down-to-earth yet excellent category.

Before the days of blogs and the invasion of the Chinese tourist, KGK was a hole-in-the-wall eatery (what we would call a Kopitiam TzeCha 煮炒攤 in Singapore) that was frequented by the stars and executives of TVB due to its close proximity to the TV station. I was introduced to this place in 2002 by a friend who happened to be a TVB executive and used this place as his canteen. I have been returning to this place ever since.

The standard of the food has been kept high by the owner Mui-Che 梅姊. Once they were invited to close shop and come to Singapore for a pop-up dining experience at Meritus Mandarin. Mui Che can only remember she lost quite a bit at MBS 🙂

One thing though, the invasion of the Chinese tourists has somehow influenced the availability of some items. Mui-Che purposely dropped them out of the menu because they would all come and order them (due to the blog reports). The chefs were sick and tired of preparing the same old stuff again and again. According to Mui-Che, these people do not appreciate good food and come for the tick in the “been-there-done that” box. Also do not mixed up this one with another up the jetty (same name). Mui-Che sometimes just send them to that restaurant – figure why ;-P

It was very hard to pin-point what were their signature dishes, as they vary due to the availability of the ingredients and the seasons. But always look out for their double-boiled soup, fresh fish and crabs. Here’s what we got during my last visit in Mar 2014.

Despite the name of the place (steamboat restaurant), we had never come here for their steamboat. Prices would range from USD 30 upwards per person for a party of 8-10 persons. Come in a big group to experience the variety.

Definitely worth the detour just for the experience.

Hong Kong 西貢白沙灣145號地下
+852 2719 8432

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