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Supper at 小鹭鹭 @ Shanghai

There are some really old establishments in Shanghai for Shanghainese food, and in recent years, they have corporatised and opened many branches. Lu Lu opened quite a few, but when they could not maintain the standard, they cut back and left with two. Xiao Lu Lu was the cheaper brother of Lu Lu, and they opened until late, and was our usual supper haunt in Shanghai.



姜汁花雕鸡 Ginger Chicken in Chinese Wine – I found it a bit too salty. If only we had a bowl of porridge 🙂


上海小笼包 Shanghai Dumpling – They have a pretty decent dumpling, but it was not savoury like Dintaifeng. Rather, it was a bit sweet, just like all Shanghai style Xiao Long Bao.


葱油拌面 Scallion Dry Noodles – I love this for a after drinks supper. Lu Lu put in a sweet soy sauce which has been infused with the fragrance of scallions.


小葱炒山药 Chinese Yam with Scallions – Chinese yam was thought to be an aphrodisiac. So naturally, you can find it in the supper menu 😉


油爆河虾 Oil Fried Shrimps – A rather oily supper dish, but it was the right sized shrimp (most other places have the larger shrimps).


干煎臭豆腐 Deep Fried Stinky Tofu – My favourite. Not really smelly, but really crispy and the fermented bean chilli was a great condiment.


干煎东海带鱼 Fried Oarfish – I loved Ribbon fish or some called oarfish. They have fried it to a crisp. There used to be a Lu Lu below our office. This was the dish we often ordered.

Not very expensive, and great service. The food came out fairly quickly but many items were sold out during dinner service. But it was a satisfying supper nevertheless.

Xiao Lu Lu
地址: 延安中路901号
电话: 021-32220212 4008636679

Date Visited : Mar 2018

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