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Tasty eats at 小紹興 @ Shanghai

Walking around Shanghai on a Sunday afternoon, alone and hungry, most of the restaurants have closed for the afternoon break. The eatery at Xiao Shao Xing was still opened and offered a very reasonable chow break.

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I have been there many years ago (1996), the first time I went to Shanghai. The eatery was on the ground floor. The restaurant was not opened as well, we came right after we closed shop at CeBIT Shanghai, and it was very late night supper. Since then I have been stationed in the city, went there (and the restaurant above), but I still love the ground floor eatery.

When you get to Xiao Shaoxing, you’ll need to order at the counter in the middle (it might be useful to have the Chinese dish names handy). Then take your receipt to the counter on the left, grab a plastic tray and you’ll be unceremoniously handed your chicken. If you’ve ordered anything other than the chicken, you’ll need to head to the counter on the right for collection.

Simple lunch

The food has remained affordable despite that everything in Shanghai has become so much more expensive. The chicken blood jelly soup was RMB 8, the scallion oil noodles RMB 7, the chopped half chicken RMB 45. And they kept the standards all these time, because it remains state owned.

Forget about service, you are there for the food. If you’re after a more sedate experience, head up to the second floor where you can sit and order from a menu. Prices are slightly more expensive (with the chicken priced from 36RMB for a small, and 60RMB for a regular-sized platter) however it’s not a bad option if you’re keen to avoid the bustle on the ground floor.

Xiao Shao Xing 小绍兴(云南南路店)
地址: 云南南路69-75号(近宁海东路)
电话: 021-63260845 021-63203562

Date Visited : Mar 2018

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