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Harumi Steak Kaiseki ステーキ 懐石

Another business dinner at the Harumi restaurant operated by the same folks that run Nadaman. And again with Kaiseki, you will almost be certain you will never be able to taste the same things again.

ステーキ懐石 Steak Kaiseki

旬菜 Syunzai

旬菜 Syunzai
  • 松茸 かきのもと浸し 菊菜
    Soaked oysters with oyster mushrooms
  • 秋鮭柚香潰け 生イクラ 卸し 針柚子
    Akikaji incense raw salmon roe wholesale needle dumplings
  • 新落花生 銀杏 丸十 チーズ味噌和え クコの実
    New peanuts Ginkgo Maruju Cheese miso-stocked wolfberry
  • 秋刀魚炙り寿司 松笠烏賊黄身焼
    Aburi sanma sushi,
  • 車海老フラワー揚げ 紅葉しんじょ
    Fried prawn flower

吸物 Suimono

吸物 Suimono

鰯っみれみぞれ仕立て 紅葉野菜 水菜 柚子
Sardine fish ball with carrot and other vegetables cut in autumn leave shape, mizuna and yuzu flavoured soup

Very complicated soup, a lot of carefully prepared ingredient. The fish ball was not like those found in the hawker centre, there was still a bit of the sardine soft bones in them, so not recommended for children.


造り Zukuri

本日のおすすめ 三種盛り合わせ Assorted sashimi – sea bream, bonito and ebi.

生野菜サラダ Salad

生野菜サラダ Salad – A typical Japanese salad with sesame dressing.

焼物 Yakimono

焼物 Yakimono

黑毛和牛 サーロインステーキ 卸しポン酢 山葵醤油 粒辛子
Wagyu beef beef sirloin steak wholesale ponzu vinegar soy sauce

The first bite was heavenly, the greasy wagyu grilled to perfection. The second you detected the subtle flavours of the marinate and steak sauce. The third piece, you couldn’t believe the tenderness of the meat. However, it was too much to eat it on its own – the fats from the wagyu was overwhelming at the fourth piece, you wished you had some plain steamed rice to go with the steak.

食事 香の物 止椀 Shokuji-Konomono-Tomewan

食事 香の物 止椀 Shokuji-Konomono-Tomewan
  • 荻泖飯釜炊き 小豆 銀杏 占地 芝海老
    Steamed rice braised with soy sauce, azuki bean, gingko, Shimeji mushrooms, Shiba shrimp
  • 香の物 盛り合せ Assorted pickles
  • 赤だし Red miso soup

For the filler, rice cooked in the traditional Japanese pot with the season’s offering – gingko nuts, red beans, Shimeji mushrooms and bits of shrimps. It was lightly flavoured with dashi and soy sauce so was good ending to the really heavy steak.

デザート Dessert

デザート Dessert

季節の果物 Seasonal fruits – papaya, Kyoho grapes and rock melon. I wondered if that one piece of pomegranate was left there by mistake.



  • 旬菜
    松茸 かきのもと浸し 菊菜
    秋鮭柚香潰け 生イクラ 卸し 針柚子
    新落花生 銀杏 丸十 チーズ味噌和え クコの実
    秋刀魚炙り寿司 松笠烏賊黄身焼
    車海老フラワー揚げ 紅葉しんじょ
  • 吸物
    鰯っみれみぞれ仕立て 紅葉野菜 水菜 柚子
  • 造り
    本日のおすすめ 三種盛り合わせ
  • 焼物
    黑毛和牛 サーロインステーキ 卸しポン酢 山葵醤油 粒辛子
  • 食事
    荻泖飯釜炊き 小豆 銀杏 占地 芝海老
  • 香の物
  • 止椀
  • デザート

Once again Chef Suzuki has given us a very memorable dinner.

Date Visited : Apr 2018

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