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Kani Douraku Honten @ Osaka

Osakans’ love for crab started when “Kani Doraku,” a crab specialty restaurant invented the “Kanisuki” dish. If you want to have fun with friends and family while eating crab, Kani Doraku is best.

Osaka is not too far from the fishing ground of snow crabs, which are Tottori, Hyogo, and Kyoto. It is also close to the fishing ground of queen crabs, which is Fukui. This geographical advantage easily made crabs available for Osaka. Then, there was the opening of a seafood specialty restaurant that was the predecessor of “Kani Doraku.” Initially, the founders of the restaurant were struggling without enough customers, and came to the idea of “Kanisuki,” which is crab and vegetables boiled in soup stock. They even developed technology to freeze snow crabs so that Kanisuki can be eaten all year.

A decedent and expensive way of eating crabs at the time, “Kanisuki” immediately became a popular dish in Osaka, the city of “Kuidaore (ruin oneself by extravagance in food),” and thus became the place where crab dish culture is most well-established in Japan.

“Kani Doraku Dotonbori Honten” is synonymous with “Crab of Osaka”. It serves courses such as the Kani Suki course where you can eat springy crab meat soaked in their secret “shiro shoyu (white soy sauce) soup stock,” and Kani Kaiseki, which is a course meal with crab in all dishes, from appetizers to the main dish.

月虹 (Gekko Course)

Crab hotpot course かに鍋コース

  • Boiled crab かに酢
  • Raw crab かに造り
  • Crab paste かにみそ
  • 2 kinds of grilled crabs (Snow crab, king crab) 焼かに二種盛 (ズワイかに・タラバかに)
  • Kani suki (crab hot pot) かにすき
  • Zosui (rice porridge) 雑炊
  • Japanese pickle vegetables 香の物
  • Fruit フルーツ



Kani Douraku Dotombori Honten かに道楽 道頓堀本店
〒542-0071 大阪府大阪市中央区道頓堀1-6-18
Tel : 06-6211-8975

Date Visited : Jun 2016

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