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AAD 上引水产 @ Taipei

AAD, or Addiction Aquatic Development, is a play of the literal translation of its Chinese name, 上引水产. 上引 sounds like 上瘾, meaning addiction; everything is a exact word for word.

AAD is located in the Taipei Fish Market. Taipei Fish Market was the traditional wet market that used to provide wholesale and retail seafood to the Taipei population. Now, the market has seen better days and the main business of wholesale seafood has moved elsewhere. AAD took the space and built a modern retail for the general public as well as wholesale space for supply seafood to its own chain of restaurants.

But the highlight of this place is the eateries that provide value-for-money Japanese seafood prepared in 4 different ways – sushi bar, sashimi/cold seafood, robatayaki, and nabe.

Despite the appearance of a supermarket and the casual atmosphere, the price is not exactly that economical when you added all the stuff that you ordered for the complete experience. It’s mainly standing space (there’s no seats except for hotpot and grill), and there’s no reservation. Service was minimal, and you have to jostle for space with the huge tourist crowd.

I would recommend only one visit for the experience. For the same amount of money, Taipei has many other choices for good, quality Japanese cuisine. Even its own sister restaurants like Mitsui and Trésors have better lunch options.

Addiction Aquatic Development
No. 18, Aly. 2, Ln. 410, Minzu E. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City.

No reservations

Date Visited : Oct 2018

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