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Central Market 中央市场 @ Taipei

Taiwan cuisine is often categorised as MinNan 闽南 cuisine. But no one can really pin point it down to a particular style. In fact, most travellers to Taiwan would count their street food and stir-fry 热炒 stores as their national cuisine.

Stir-fry restaurants are like the Singapore Czechar 煮炒 stores. With countless stir-fry restaurants located at close proximity to each other, Taipei’s Chang’an East Road has earned itself the name “Rechao Lane”. Among the restaurants is Central Market Fresh Seafood, located at the corner of Chang’an East Road and Linsen Road.

The seafood is fresh, the fried rice is fantastic, the beverage variety plenty, and almost every dish – and there are a lot to choose from –  here is NT$100, including sashimi, a bargain particularly when one is dining with a group. What’s more, the service is efficient, and the atmosphere electric as the night goes on.

Central Market 中央市场生猛海鲜
No. 52-1, Section 1, Chang’an East Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 104
Tel : +886 2 2523 2017

Date Visited : Oct 2018

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