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Jin Kojimachi 仁 @ Tokyo

Izakaya has become my favourite way to end the evening whenever I am in Tokyo and hanging out with the team. Near our office was a nice little seafood specialty place called Jin.

The sashimi were very fresh, especially the ark shell. The yamaimo was surprisingly sweet and light (and sticky). Shiroko was in season, so we had to eat that despite what it is. My favourite was the deep fried sardine, simple yet satisfying. But we came here tonight for their horse sashimi.

Horse sashimi

If the idea of eating Mr Ed (the talking horse) put you off, look away now. Japanese rear horses for meat as well. Horse meat sashimi or basashi (馬刺し) tasted a bit sour but in a tasty way. You know you are eating meat, but it was not the same as beef tartare or whale (which technically is not fish). You can eat it with scallion, leek, garlic or ginger, or just mash everything together and wrap it with aoba. Chew slowly to savour the complexity of the flavour.

Actually horse meat is a better red meat than beef. First of all, horse meat is low-fat, only about 2 to 5%, so it can play a role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Horse meat is abundant in vitamin B and iron. It contains vitamin B3, B6, and B12, which enhance the cellular metabolism. Horse meat also contains high-quality proteins, which are important for muscle and organ development. Moreover, horse meat is rich in flavours, in fact, abundant in glycogen, which makes it taste softer and sweeter than other varieties of meat.

The food was spectacular. The atmosphere was relaxed. Definitely a place for a drink and food after work.

Jin Kojimachi 麹町 味彩酒房 仁 (じん)
4 Chome-3−1 Kojimachi, Chiyoda, Tokyo 102-0083, Japan
Tel : +81 3-3234-2566

Date visited : Oct 2016

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