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MADOy 円居 品川 @ Shinagawa

Teppanyaki is something of an experience, an occasion for some celebration combined with good food. Teppanyaki in Japan is expensive. So when we arranged for a business dinner for foreign guests and teppanyaki was decided, I was looking forward to a good evening.

Amuse bouche

The amuse bouche was Japanese tofu flavoured with dashi jelly. The tofu was firmer than most supermarket variety because they were house-made. The jelly was flavoured with yuzu and wine. A simple but flavourful start to the dinner.


Four appetisers were present. (L-R) Foie gras pate on toast with balsamic vinegar, bean curd and salad, jellyfish with julienned cucumber, “Italian salad” of mozzarella cheese, fruit tomato and caviar.


The salad was subpar compared with the appetisers. A mesclun salad with olive oil and sesame dressing. That’s it!

Grilled Hokkaido snow crab

Generous portion, the richly flavoured grilled Hokkaido snow crab came next. A simple pan-fried preparation yielded the best flavours from the crab.

Grilled A5 Wagyu beef

Japanese wagyu was subjected to dry aging for 40 days in a dedicated aging box. By aging, the wagyu was primed for the optimal taste and texture, and the aroma of amino acid when grilled.

They used only 40% of the beef for their teppanyaki steak, keeping only the most delicious portions of the meat to prepare grilled A5 kuroge wagyu beef.

Grilled A5 Wagyu beef

The softest part of the fillet “Château Brian” was served. It was so tender that you can just eat it on its own. But with the pink Himalayan salt that was used as the sakura and the red wine reduction as the tree trunk, they complimented the beef quite nicely.

Garlic fried rice

After all those meat and seafood, garlic fried rice was served


They would specially prepare something special for any reason to celebrate.


But the dessert was just a disappoint cuts of fruits and a slice of opera cake.


Service was fantastic, as always in Japanese restaurants. The food was so-so, more gimmicks than flavours. Teppanyaki continued to disappoint me.

MADOy 円居 品川
3-10-3 Takanawa Minato Tokyo
東京都 港区 高輪 3-10-3 アクア高輪 2F
Tel : +81-50-5872-4752


Date Visited : Apr 2017

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