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Fine Seafood 北海漁村 @ Taipei

Taiwan is an island. As with all islands, you get great seafood. And Taiwan has great seafood but not many great seafood restaurants. Fine seafood is one of the better ones.

I walked into one near the Sheraton Taipei when I was looking for a quiet dinner one evening. The whole place was booked for a wedding. I was showed a table next to the entrance, which the staff asked if I wouldn’t mind. I am OK as long as the food was worth the while.

Because I was accommodating, they took really good care of me.


Penghu shell in garlic soy sauce 陰時珠螺 was bit hard to pick out from their tiny shells. Full of taste, but too salty to eat on its own.


Their signature dish, fried pumpkin beehoon 金瓜米粉. Just like how Grandma would do it.


Because I was alone, I usually could not order a whole steam fished. Such was the hospitality of these Taiwanese, they found a really small fish from the day’s catch and sold me a steamed fish for one person.


Handmade oyster rolled in bean curd skin 手工蚵卷. The is one roll, the minimum you can order, but it was stuffed with ingredient, it was almost a meal on its own. Filled with the great taste of the sea.


Loofah with clams 蛤蜊絲瓜. The loofah was soft and fresh, not a hint of fibre. The clams added the umami and sweetness to the loofah that totally absorbed the stock and clam juice.


Complimentary dessert was a bowl of herbal jelly 燒仙草. Sweet end to a great meal.

Fine Seafood 北海漁村-台北杭州店
No 8, Sec 1, Hangzhou South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100
Tel : +886 2 2357 6188

Date Visited : Nov 2017

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