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Andaman 安达曼 @ Shanghai

Raffles City Changning has seen a lot of new entrants in the last 6 months, with all the phases of the development completing. The latest batch was a row of foreign restaurants just below our office block, including Morganfield’s, and the star for today, Andaman.

There are two Thai restaurants in the development, the first inside the main mall was from a local chain offering a rather weak selection of Thai cuisine, but Andaman just opened in the last months was a lot more authentic.


虾片 Koropok

虾片 Koropok was good amuse bouche to start, and we ate a lot of it. Not really free flow, but we were not charged for the 3 servings.

泰式蔬菜卷 Vegetable roll

泰式蔬菜卷 Vegetable and shrimp roll came with a hoisin dip, but the bits of mango was really out of place.

炭烧猪颈肉 Grilled pork neck

炭烧猪颈肉 Grilled pork neck was nicely marinated with lemongrass and fish sauce.


冬阴功海鲜锅 Tomyum seafood

冬阴功海鲜锅 Tomyum seafood was made from pre-made paste, one can tell. But it was still very tasty, tangy and spicy at the same time. Of course we asked for as spicy as it can be.

虾酱空心菜 Shrimp paste kang kong

虾酱空心菜 Shrimp paste kang kong had neither shrimp paste taste nor was it spicy. Really adapted to local tastes.

黄咖喱鸡 Andaman curry chicken

黄咖喱鸡 Andaman curry chicken went very well with rice. The curry was thick and fragrant. The chicken was poached and then cooked in the curry, so it had not got the taste of curry infused into the meat.

青柠檬蒸海鲈鱼 Thai steamed sea bass

青柠檬蒸海鲈鱼 Thai steamed sea bass was the best and closest to the taste of Thailand. I would liked it more if there was more lemongrass and slightly spicier.


芒果糯米饭 Mango sticky rice

芒果糯米饭 Mango sticky rice was OK, and the coconut milk dip had sago in it. The mango was not in season so it was rather sour.

红宝石 Red ruby

红宝石 Red ruby was rather runny, could taste that the coconut milk was pretty diluted. The rubies were more starch than water chestnuts. Surprised that it was not that sweet.

小菠萝 Mini pineapple

小菠萝 Mini pineapple was really sweet. A friend told me later that they could have soaked them in syrup. Another occasion a couple of days later, I ordered these pineapples from a delivery service, they weren’t as sweet.


The food was good considering that most of the Thai food in China was adapted for local palates (less fish sauce, more sweet). The service was prompt, and it was not that packed even for lunch. Go to show that foreign cuisine is still not that popular.

Andaman 安达曼(长宁来福士店)
Tel : (021) 52998921

Date Visited : Mar 2019

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