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Jinshouken 神勝轩 @ Shanghai

Jinshouken Ramen originated in Tokyo and opened in Showa 36 (1961). This branch in Shanghai opened in Mar 2019, I happened to walked by it when I was looking for dinner after a long flight and everything else was closed.

Ramen wasn’t on my list because I was trying to avoid carbs at night. But after a long flight (and emotional fight), I settled for ramen. I really need some comfort food.

The biggest difference between Japanese ramen and Chinese noodles is that the soup base of Japanese ramen. Pork is finely cut and blanched with with water, supplemented with a variety of different parts of pork bones and a variety of tubers and vegetables. The whole mixture is cooked over 10 hours of slow fire. The soup turns into an amber-like colour, its taste is delicate and rich, and the aftertaste lingers, that’s the soul in every bowl of ramen.

I order their signature pork charsiu ramen. It came with a small shot of their vinegar (which I didn’t add into the noodles), and three thick pieces of charsiu and a piece of stewed pork belly, with half an onsen egg, dried(!) bamboo shoot, corn, scallions, and pieces of nora. Saving grace, the nori did not turn soggy, unlike a lot of cheap ramen store. It was topped up with a red miso sauce.

The side dishes was quite good. Chicken kaarage and wasabi octopus were good appetisers. The noodles could be more al dente. And the soup base, it has been adjusted for local taste – less salty, slightly sweeter, but the umami remains.

The service was really good. And because it was so late, the place was actually quite pleasant.

Jinshouken Ramen 神勝轩日式拉面(中山公园龙之梦店)
Tel : (021) 62596175

Date Visited : Mar 2019

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