Sun Sum Congee 新深粥店 @ Hong Kong

My favourite breakfast in HK is porridge or what the locals call congee. There are many congee place in HK so the competition is stiff. So for a place to survive so long is amazing.

Old signboard

Sun Sum Congee has been operating along Hennessy Road for a long time.

䜴油皇炒面 Fried noodles in dark soy sauce

䜴油皇炒面 Fried noodles in dark soy sauce is just a very simple fried noodles with dark soy sauce and yellow chives. The HK way is to eat it with porridge, dunking it into the hot porridge like dough fritters.

生滚猪润粥 Pig liver porridge

The highlight is the porridge. I ordered a 生滚粥 boiled porridge which you can choose from a wide range of raw ingredients that are thrown into the base porridge and cooked together. I order a pig liver and pig blood curd combination.

鲜虾肠粉 Shrimp rice rolls

The rice rolls are a bit think for my liking even though they made them fresh in the store.

Really old hard written menu

At the door is a handwritten menu. The calligraphy of the person who wrote it was really good. I was admiring the writing on the wall for quite a long time even the staff looked up to see what I am looking at.

Sun Sum Congee 新深粥店
168 Hennessy Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel : +852 2575 6607

Date Visited : Jan 2015

PS: In a recent visit, the standard has dropped a lot. Service was bad even by HK standard. Would not be going back anytime soon.

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