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Warayaki-ya わらやき屋 赤坂店 @ Tokyo

Came to Warayaki-ya two years ago, and now for a revisit with the office for a new staff welcome dinner. The place is really popular with the nearby office set because of its all-you-drink 飲み放題 packages.

土佐漫遊かつおの藁焼きコース Tosa Man-Yu Bonito Grilled Course


The basic set comes with 8 courses, and included their signature カツオの藁焼き “Warayaki” Skipjack Tuna and all-you-can-drink 飲み放題 drinks menu of over 30 choices of beers, shochu, sake and other alcohol!


There’s also a seasonal cooking item that changes with the season as part of the course –季節の炊き合せ 穴子 Seasonal cooking – Simmered Conger eel. Conger eel is not as slimy as it looks – the flesh is firm and yet melts in your mouth. Simmered together with bamboo shoot and a broth that is full of umami from the wakame and (perhaps) ajinomoto, it is a very satisfying dish.

We also order a couple of other ala carte items.

若鶏の高知南蛮揚げ Kochi Chicken Nanban

若鶏の高知南蛮揚げ Kochi Chicken Nanban

I like fried chicken, I like spicy mayonnaise, but I don’t like the two combined, especially when it comes out soggy.

きびなごの唐揚げ Deep-fried sardines

きびなごの唐揚げ Deep-fried sardines

This is my favourite in this place, and goes down very well with drinks.

What is Warayaki?

Warayaki traditional cooking method in Kochi Prefecture in Shikoku, Japan. The burning straw provides a dramatic fierce fire with temperatures in the range of 800 – 900C- and this results in very fast and even cooking, as the high temperatures sear the outer layers and leave the centre of the meat or fish tender and juicy. Here’s some other ala carte items we ordered with the same cooking method.

藁炙り鶏もも肉のにんにく醤油焼き “Warayaki” Grilled chicken thigh meat with garlic and soy sauce

藁炙り鶏もも肉のにんにく醤油焼き “Warayaki” Grilled chicken thigh meat with garlic and soy sauce

Another in-house special, the chicken thigh is given the same warayaki treatment.  The skin is burnt to a crisp and smokey and tasty.

馬ヒレ肉の藁焼き Grilled horse tenderloin

馬ヒレ肉の藁焼き Grilled horse tenderloin

Mr Ed on a plate, not for the squeamish. Horse is reared as a meat in Japan for hundreds of years. It tastes like a very lean piece of beef, very much like ostrich or kangaroo. Well, one man’s meat is another poison.

牛リブロース藁焼きステーキ “Warayaki” grilled beef rib steak

牛リブロース藁焼きステーキ “Warayaki” grilled beef rib steak

Beef steak given the warayaki treatment and completed on the hotplate that it is served on. Served with black pepper onion sauce.

Lively atmosphere, great place for a after-work drink, USD 50-80 per persons, so considered reasonable.

Warayaki-ya Akasaka わらやき屋 赤坂店
Continental Akasaka V1F, 3-12-3 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 〒107-0052
コンチネンタル 赤坂
Tel : +81 3-3568-1340

Date Visited : Apr 2019

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