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SHÈ 舍 @ Hong Kong

Shè opened in Dec 2018 in Hong Kong IFC. The name took over the Chinese character 舍 meaning a house or lodging for guests.

It was difficult to find this place as it was hidden inside the departmental store Lane Crawford. Look for the cosmetic concessionaires on the 3rd floor and you should be fine. But its corner location was fine because of the excellent Victoria harbour view you get outside of the restaurant. And you get to see the newly opened Central-Wanchai Bypass.

This time, we ordered the set lunch as it was a small group.

鲜蟹肉粟米羹 Sweet corn soup with jumbo crab meat

鲜蟹肉粟米羹 Sweet corn soup with jumbo crab meat – very tasty, even for one that did not like thick soup or corn soup. You have to give it to the Cantonese to make the best soup.

点心 Dimsum

The trio of 点心 Dimsum included one piece of 香槟金虾饺 rose gold prawn dumpling, one piece of 鱼子酱黑豚肉烧买 Kurobuta pork siumai with caviar, and one piece of 紫罗水晶饺 crystal dumpling. The colours were beautiful and they were presented on their custom-made hexagonal steam basket.

But dimsum is still dimsum, all embellishments are all just trickery. The verdict is in the taste, and I would say it was OK.

田园浓汤浸翡翠苗 Braised pea shoots in supreme broth

田园浓汤浸翡翠苗 Braised pea shoots in supreme broth – despite the presence of corn, it was a really tasty stock that was used to cook this vegetarian dish. It was kept warm using a warmer which was really considerate given that Jan was still winter in HK, 10˚C outside.

蜜汁黑豚肉叉烧 Honey glazed BBQ Kurobuta charsiu

蜜汁黑豚肉叉烧 Honey glazed BBQ Kurobuta charsiu – This was the piece de resistance for me the whole lunch. It wasn’t much to see as it was a portion for two, but every piece was savoured for its balance of fatty and lean mean. The marinate was not too sweet and the charsiu was cooked to perfection. Made me want to come back to try the rest of their roasts.

招牌炒饭 SHÈ signature fried rice

招牌炒饭 SHÈ signature fried rice – their namesake rice was good, not oily yet full of wokhei 锅气. Every piece of rice was detached which is a clear indication of good fried rice.

陈皮莲子红豆沙 Fragrant red bean paste

陈皮莲子红豆沙 Fragrant red bean paste – the final course, the dessert, was a Cantonese classic. I never liked red bean paste, but I finished everything because it was tasty and the lunch portion was quite light.

If it is not a set lunch, Shè is an expensive restaurant based on the ala carte pricing. The quality was very good, and the service was impeccable. I am quite sure it would be given the Michelin-nod pretty soon.

Portion A of Shop 3025-3026 & 3031-3066,
Level 3, IFC Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, HK
Tel: +852 2110 0153


Date Visited : Jan 2019

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