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Donglaishun 東來順 @ Beijing

In recent times, there are must better Beijing (some say Mongolian) style of hotpot called 涮羊肉 (mutton shabu-shabu). When it comes to choices Donglaishun 東來順 would always be the top choice, of foreigners at least.

I enjoyed the ones I have been to recently, South Gate hotpot, Old Door Post, etc. But the old ones like Donglaishun (opened in 1914), still hold close to my heart because it was there where I was introduced to the hotpot in 1988. The fact that there was evidence that the Japanese shabu-shabu was a direct descendent of this style of hotpot was amazing.

Modern twist to the old classic

With a number of branches in Beijing, some of their newer locations reflect an effort to retool, in terms of style and revisions to the menu, to meet the demands of modern diners. However, the essence remains in its famous mutton hotpot.

Copper hotpot using charcoal

Boiled, as ever, in distinctive copper pots over white-hot charcoal, Dong Lai Shun’s broth gets so deliciously thick towards the end that you don’t even need a dip to add extra flavor to the thin-sliced strips of meat.

There’s plenty competition in the field these days, and no shortage of new-fangled approaches to cooking up meat and veg in a bubbling soup, but Dong Lai Shun is still the hot pot of choice for many Beijingers. Go to one of their own stores, like this one in Wangfujing Street next to the reverend Beijing Xinhua Bookstore. They have many franchisees all around the country but I don’t find them as good..

Mao’s approval

东来顺饭庄 Dong Lai Shun Restaurant
Tel : 010 65139661

Date Visited : Jan 2019

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