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Tansian 天香回味 @ Taipei

Do you believe that there’s such a thing called Mongolian hotpot. Tansian is the first to “rediscover” the Mongolian hotpot.

They used to have a couple of stores in Singapore but they were all closed because it was an acquired taste to have hotpot that have such a strong stock and no condiment. Yes, they do not provide any condiments for you to dip the food in because the restaurant is confident of their stock would infuse all the flavours into your ingredients.

鴛鴦鍋 Yuenyang hotpot

According to Tansian, the army of Genghis Khan gained their superior strength from the herbal stock that is used in this hotpot. OK, it is a bit far fetched, but it is a really tasty stock that is unlike all the other types of hotpot. The stock itself tastes like kambing sup. Yuenyang hotpot is the original stock plus a spicy stock that is just the original stock with lots of Szechuan spices, not the Haidilao type of Sichuan hotpot.

A specialty of Tansian is their 金絲戀餅 strand biscuits. It is like puff pastry, but you can pull the biscuit apart like a lock of hair. It is more gimmick than good taste. Another highlight of the restaurant is their in-house grown vegetable. We went very late that evening so the current stock has been depleted.

They have a wide variety of ingredients to choose from, but the quintessential stuffs one would always order are 霜降牛肉 prime beef, 鴨血 duck blood pudding, 鵝肠 goose intestine, 蒙古包 Mongolian dumpling and 米作糆 rice noodle. The rice noodle is a bit like laksa noodle and is very good for hotpot as it does not disintegrate easily. The noodle, beef and stock will make a very delicious filler for the meal.

Most of the ingredients that can be dunked into the hotpot are frozen stuff. The only highlights are their vegetables, which are really fresh and grown by the owner themselves.

Not something that you would enjoy all the time, but a yearly visit is always on the cards. Service is fantastic and they open 24 hours.

Tansian 天香回味
104 台北市中山區南京東路一段16號2樓
Tel : +886 2-25117275

Date Visited : Jun 2019

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