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HuangJiHuang 黃記煌 @ Hangzhou

The variety of hotpot in China is amazing. This is another type of hotpot that I used to go every other week when I was based in Shanghai. I was so surprised to find HuangJiHuang “dry hotpot” in Hangzhou.

According to their website, the stew with the special trio sauce 三汁焖锅 originated from the imperial dish 香辣汁鱼. The founder’s family is conveniently imperial chefs that know how to make this dish and he improved it for the modern stewing casserole. How true is this origin, I don’t know and we can’t verify. But it is a very delicious stew. And there are many franchisees across China (and now in Westgate Singapore), but all of them have to get the special sauce from the founder, just like Coca-cola.

红糖凉粉 brown sugar jelly

Once seated, the waiter came with a complementary bowl of 红糖凉粉 brown sugar jelly for each one in the party. The chilled dessert was really nice for the hot summer day.

火锅料 hotpot ingredients

Just like other hotpot, there are many 火锅料 hotpot ingredients that you can choose from to go with the main casserole.

焖鸡翅 stew chicken wings

We ordered two different stews, 焖鸡翅 stew chicken wings and 焖鲶鱼 stew catfish. And we requested the waiter to mix the fish and chicken wings so that everyone has a bit of everything.

焖鲶鱼 stew catfish

The casserole is then topped with plenty of aromatics like garlic, peppers, onions, etc.

肥肠猪脆骨 pork intestines and soft bone

And then the rest of the hotpot ingredients were added.

金针肥牛卷 beef wrapped enoki

One of the specialty was 金针肥牛卷 beef wrapped enoki.

千张 bean curd strips

But it is simple ingredients like 千张 bean curd strips that the best, because they will absorb the taste of the sauce.

三汁焖锅 stew with special trio sauce

And finally, the 三汁 special trio sauce was spread evenly on top of the casserole. Heat is applied and the stew is left to cook for 15 mins.

三汁焖锅 stew with special trio sauce

The result : 三汁焖锅 stew with special trio sauce is delicious. Amazing, no water is added in the whole process. There are many so-called recipe for the sauce, but none is as good as the original. Whether or not the story is true, the founder does have a “Coca-cola” in his hands.

HuangJiHuang Casserole 黄记煌三汁焖锅 星光店
滨盛路1766号星光二期三楼 Hangzhou, China
Tel : 17376508379

Date Visited : Jul 2019

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