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So hot that you need angmoh 涼茶

Weather in Singapore is really hot these couple of months, and we need a long cold one to soothe the heatiness in the body.

Chinese believes that barley is good to cool down the Yang in the body, to reduce heatiness. So we have mischievously called beer as “herbal tea” for the Westerners “angmoh”. Interestingly, we did not take any photos of the “herbal tea” 凉茶. It was so hot, we just downed it in record time.

However the food served here is equally interesting for pub grub. Yes, they serve dim sum.

Chicken skewer set

Chicken skewer set is like the Japanese yakitori and came with skewered chicken skin, thigh & wing. Not the sweet teriyaki sauce that the Japanese used, but a spicy sauce for the local palate. Salty, but great with beer.

Good Luck bundle

Good Luck bundle included two pieces each of har gow, siew mai, chives & pork dumpling, bbq char siew pork bun and beancurd sheet pork roll.

Scribblings on the wall

The TV on the wall showed the specialties for the moment, and it highlighted a really spicy chicken wings.

Good luck to you wings

Good luck to you wings is shrimp paste fried chicken wings tossed with an extremely spicy sauce. Not like the buffalo wings in US, but an Asian type of heat.

Good Luck wings

If you can’t take the heat, the Good Luck wings will be a good choice.

Szechuan fries

But the piece de resistance for me was their Szechuan fries which is string fries tossed with fried chili and Szechuan peppercorns.

Inspired by a towel

Really a good spot to spend some happy hours with friends after work at the conservation area of Haji Lane.

Good Luck Beerhouse
9 Haji Ln, Singapore 189202
Tel : 6391 9942


Date Visited : Jun 2019

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