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Yue Ying Long 月迎龙 @ Shanghai

Small Hunanese restaurant has to have a lot of guts to open along Kangding Street in Shanghai, a short stretch of around 1 km with eateries along both sides.

韭菜花爱皮蛋 chives with century egg

韭菜花爱皮蛋 chives with century egg

Chopped chives with century egg, strange combination.

砂钵外河黄骨鱼 tofu with yellowhead catfish

砂钵外河黄骨鱼 bamboo shoots and tofu with yellowhead catfish

The first time I had yellowhead catfish 黄辣丁 was in Chengdu. They were live and thrown directly into the boiling hotpot. Really cruel, but the fish was sweet and tender. According to TCM, yellowhead catfish can help with easing water retention in the body and good for spleen. When cooked with green beans and garlic, the medicinal properties are magnified. So you always see them cooked with tofu and garlic in stock.

长沙臭豆腐 Changsha stinky tofu

长沙臭豆腐 Changsha stinky tofu

Mao’s favourite Changsha snack. They are black and they are smelly, but they are heavenly in the mouth, just like blue cheese. Coupled with the spicy Hunan chilli, match in heaven.

红烧排骨米粉 stewed pork ribs rice noodles

Boiled rice noodles tossed with Hunan chilli and stewed pork ribs. Simple and tasty.

Yue Ying Long 月迎龍·湘菜

Date Visited : Jun 2018

(PS: Alas! They could not survive the cut throat competition of Kangding Street and closed in 2019.)

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