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Wu Di Goose 汕头外砂乌弟卤鹅 @ Shenzhen

Considered one of the best three braised goose in Guangdong province, Wu Di 乌弟 ventured outside their native Shantou to Shenzhen.

Located on the outer rim of 怡景中心城 Central Walk, a modern mall right here in the centre of Shenzhen next to Sheraton Grand and Shangri-la Futian, Wu Di Goose opened without any fanfare or publicity. The place was not as famous as its original in Shantou. Doesn’t matter if the surrounding has been upgraded from the roadside stall, what really matters is the taste of the goose.


Braised goose

The signature dish is their braised goose. It is a very competent effort at braising the goose, but to say that it’s one of the best three in Guangdong province is an exaggeration. The lion-head goose is a humongous beast, so to get it right requires experience and skills. The goose here is tender and juicy. The braising liquid has permeated throughout the goose.

Goose liver and other delicious braised food

Five other threats to go with the goose. Goose liver, goose blood pudding, goose egg, tofu and chicken egg (just to compare the size of the goose egg).

Rice noodles

Rice noodles in a clear goose bone stock with fish cakes was another favourite from the stall. Called kway teow in Singapore, the one in Shenzhen was machined made and thicker while the original would most likely be hand-cut and thinner.

Oyster omelette

Unlike the roadside store, they served a couple of Teochew favourites, like this oyster omelette. It was a very crispy version, even though the oysters were a bit overcooked, the overall result was very delicious.

Okra in vinegar

In terms of vegetables, there wasn’t much choices, so okra in vinegar was good to help digest the greasiness of the goose.

Shopfront in Shenzhen

The original in Shantou is one of the best-kept secrets, this roadside stall serves some of the best braised goose dishes in town. For a detailed story of the original shop in Shantou and Wu Di himself, here’s a good article about him in Sohu.

The outing to Shenzhen was a competent try. It has a pleasant environment but that also came at a price. In any case, it was quite delicious.

Wu Di Goose 汕头外砂乌弟卤鹅

Date Visited : Sep 2018

And for those interested to visit the original shop, here’s the address.

Wu Di Goose Noodles 乌弟鹅肉面

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