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Chao Tang 潮堂 Revisited

Another visit recently to the Teochew restaurant below my office in Shanghai. Came here when we first moved office to Raffles Changning. Almost 2 years before I revisited.

潮州咸腌望潮 salted baby octopus

潮州咸腌望潮 salted baby octopus

There’s a type of baby octopus that is prevalent around the coastal area of Swatow called 望潮, which literally means “viewing the tides”. The romantic name came about because these octopuses come out during the tidal swells.

This is a seasonal dish,. However, they have over boiled the  octopus so it had become chewy. And the sauce made with seaweed and soy sauce did not do any justice to the dish.

白切走地鸡 steamed free range chicken

白切走地鸡 steamed free range chicken

The chicken was a bit too dry and overcooked.

潮州咸菜炒猪肚 pig stomach with preserved mustard green

潮州咸菜炒猪肚 pig stomach with preserved mustard green

This is a classic dish in Chaozhou and once that brought back good memories. My comfort food, goes well with porridge.

潮州姿娘百秒黄鱼 100 seconds yellow croaker

潮州姿娘百秒黄鱼 100 seconds yellow croaker

This is not exactly a Teochew dish, but originate from Putien, Fujian. The yellow croaker is around 200~300g size, cleaned thoroughly and butterfly cut. The claypot has been preheated with ginger and spring onions to extremely high temperature. Then in quick succession, the fish is placed into the pot, a ladle of boiling stock is added causing instant steam, the lid is placed and the fire turned pumped up for 100 seconds.

The result is a very tender, just cooked fish. They have not mastered the technique yet.

潮州沙茶牛肉 satay beef with kale

潮州沙茶牛肉 satay beef with kale

Not exactly the Singaporean satay but a variation invented by Teochews that went back to the homeland and tried to recreate the familiar sauce they have grown to love while working there. No peanut or lemongrass.

I like this sauce with beef or lamb, and it goes extremely well with kale or other leafy vegetables like kangkong.

古法煎蚝烙 oyster omelette

古法煎蚝烙 oyster omelette

Wow, I didn’t expect such a good oyster omelette in Shanghai.

传统牛肉湿炒粿条 beef kway teow

传统牛肉湿炒粿条 beef kway teow

Nope, it’s not the Geylang Lor 9 beef hor fun, but a oily version of stir fry beef hor fun.

At the end of the meal, the traditional kung fu tea was served. No more room for dessert.

Chao Tang 潮堂 (长宁莱佛士广场店)
Tel : (021) 6226 0219

Date Visited : Sep 2019

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