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Zui Xin 醉心 @ Shenzhen

Shenzhen is a vibrant city, with many professionals from around the world heading to the Silicon Valley of China. With that, it has many eateries that cater for all range of budget.

Zui Xin is the Japanese restaurant for the budget conscious. Located at Huaqiang North, the electronic mall of the world, it is frequented by those working around there. For example, this Deluxe Bluefin Tuna lunch for two is only RMB 388 (USD 60).

The portion of bluefin tuna was quite generous. The cuts given where not the best parts of the tuna but they were still nicely marbled. For the price you pay, they were already quite value for money.

Tel : 0755-83676328

Date Visited : Dec 2018

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