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Repeat visit to Hometown 荷唐

Lunch with colleagues, we decided to go to a place that served value-for-money set lunches opened by our fellow Singaporean.

Special Lunch Set

The lunch set comes with multiple choice questions, several choice for each category – appetiser, main, meat and vegetable. The number of choices and size of the portions are determined by the number of people eating lunch. We have a party of 4, so we can choose one appetiser, one main, one meat and one vegetable. The Peking duck and soup are included for party of 4 or more.

北京经典“酥不腻”烤鸭 “Crispy not greasy” Peking duck

北京经典“酥不腻”烤鸭 Peking classic “crispy not greasy” duck

Home Town special lunch set billboards the classic “crispy not greasy” Peking duck which have really crispy skin but not greasy because of the selection of duck. Ducks used are around 35 days old. The “cherry duck” feeds on small fish, small insects and soybeans. The average adult duck is 2.3-2.5 kg and only about 800 g can be served from the duck.

The surprise was the popiah skin used for the wrapping the duck. They were separated by layer of paper to avoid them sticking together. Very delicious.

松腐竹麻香鸡 szechuan spicy chicken with century quail eggs

松腐竹麻香鸡 szechuan spicy chicken with century quail eggs

Great appetiser, spicy chicken like 口水鸡 (saliva chicken) with century quail eggs as garnish. Spicy start to increase the appetite.

文蛤丝瓜煲 clams with loofah

文蛤丝瓜煲 clams with loofah

Soupy version of clams with loofah – the stock was made from boiled clams. The clams were cooked prior to put into the loofah, so it was just right, but the loofah did not get any of the goodness if not for the clam stock.

干笋红烧肉 dried bamboo shoots with braised pork belly

干笋红烧肉 dried bamboo shoots with braised pork belly

Mother’s favourite, braised pork belly with dried bamboo shoots. Great dish with rice.

湘味小炒花菜 hunan cauliflower

湘味小炒花菜 hunan cauliflower

I really liked this simple dish of cauliflower with Hunan chilli and Chinese ham. Kick from the chilli with saltiness from the Chinese ham. The cauliflower was smoky from high heat and quick stir-fry.

椴木珍珠菇鲜核桃 elm, walnuts and button mushrooms

椴木珍珠菇鲜核桃 elm, walnuts and button mushrooms

The second vegetable dish we picked was a walnut and button mushroom smoked with elm wood. Very light and flavourful with a hint of smokiness. What caught my eyes was the “newspaper” that was used to serve the mushrooms – the headline was Yannick Alléno, the previous head chef and owner of the bistro that occupied the same spot of Hometown that got the Michelin star before he closed the bistro.

芥菜豆腐烤鸭汤 tofu duck soup

芥菜豆腐烤鸭汤 tofu duck soup

And to round up the lunch set was a huge bowl of tofu duck soup made from boiling the bones of the roast duck with chopped Chinese mustards and tofu.

玉芙蓉香米饭 steamed rice

Everyone was served a bowl of fragrant steamed rice garnished with a few slices of Chinese sausage.

Seasonal ala carte – 醉肉蟹 drunken crab

It’s the season for crab, and Hometown’s drunken crab uses mud crab instead of the usual mitten crab. Very fresh crab soaked with very nice yellow wine marinade.

I beliebe Hometown will not end up like Terrior Parisien because of the innovative cuisines and value-for-money sets they always come up with. Will be back for more.

荷唐 Home Town
Tel : (021) 60881677

Date Visited : Sep 2019

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  1. Terence Ho

    Is this restaurant close to Raffles City Mall? Can you show me the direction from the mall to this restaurant. It will be my first time to Shanghai and happy to read your article about this restaurant.

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