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Papa’s Left Wrist 亲父的右腕 @ Shanghai

Located opposite the Renaissance by our office is a mini-Japan town. One little izakaya called Papa’s Left Wrist 亲父的右腕 always catches my eye and I decided to walk in for lunch one weekend.


Lunch time sets

During lunchtime, they offer Washoku bento sets like this one, a traditional teriyaki unagi rice bowl with salad with sesame sauce, miso soup, Japanese pickles and chawanmushi.

I was a bit disappointed because they used supermarket unagi and sesame sauce. But then they surprised me with the excellent miso soup with bits of salmon in the soup. I observed that they do not have any Japanese staff during lunchtime, so I guessed it was just catering to quick lunchtime crowd and therefore commercial stuff.

I ordered something from the ala carte menu – a uni sashimi. It was beautifully plated with the sea urchin flesh placed on its own shell. It’s local uni from Dalian, so it reasonably priced but was not as good as the Canadian ones, not to even compare with those from Hokkaido.

At night the place becomes an izakaya featuring home cooked menu.

A family restaurant by day, izakaya by night

From the instagram photos, I guess I will visit it soon.

Papa’s Left Wrist 亲父的右腕
Tel: 021-62578612

Date Visited : Nov 2019




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