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Hasedori はせどり @ Akihabara

Hasedori is an izakaya for those after-hours office gathering. Not known for their food, it has a all-you-can-drink dinner set menu that featured a full course of chicken cooked in all different styles.

国産の地鶏&銘柄鶏 Japan-sourced local and branded chicken

They use fresh poultry purchased from the JA Zen No Group that sell local and brand chickens delivered from Kagoshima, Miyazaki and Iwate.

  • 【地鶏】 鹿児島県 『さつま若しゃも』
    [Local chicken] Kagoshima Prefecture “Satsuma Wakasamo”
  • 【銘柄鶏】宮崎県  『はまゆうどり』
    [Branded Chicken] Miyazaki Prefecture “Hama Yudori”
  • 【銘柄鶏】岩手県  『みちのく清流味わいどり』
    [Branded Chicken] Iwate Prefecture “Michinoku Seiryu Taste”

特選《匠》 コース [9品]

1/【前菜】はまゆうどり 鶏むね梅和え

[Appetizer] Hama Yudori

【前菜】はまゆうどり 鶏むね梅和え

Semi-cooked chicken, something our friends in the West would not touch. But it was really nice, only possible with the best sourced chicken.


[Fresh fish] Today’s sashimi (4 pieces)


Salmon for sashimi? Cost cutting in action.


[Salad] Towada Lake Plateau Pork Momo Pork Caesar Salad


A watery caesar salad with cubes of pork.


[Fried Chicken] Hama Yudori Chicken Nanban


Nanban sauce is a tangy, spicy mayo based sauce that is typically served with fried chicken. I have consistently commented that the sauce should be served as a side condiment as it made the crispy chicken skin soggy. This was no different.


[Yakitori] Japanese chicken teppan yakitori


The chicken bits were all overcooked. I guessed at this point in the dinner, you would have drank at least 4-5 rounds of drinks and the food did not matter anymore. Quite disappointed by the yakitori.


[Grilled pork] Lake Towada highland pork momoton in Murata chashu style


Momoton or Peach Pork is pork from a specialty pig farm in Lake Towada. What is special about the pigs here is the way they are reared is almost as meticulous as wagyu. The result is a tasty, pathogen free pork.

Murata-style chashu is Japanese braised pork belly in Murata style. Sweet and savoury, the sauce has caramelised beautifully with the pork fats rendered to a smooth, satisfying jelly.


[Chicken pot] Michinoku chicken in dashi stock nabe

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There were two choices of soup base – the clear konbu dashi stock水炊, or a trendy Tantan Sichuan hotpot stock 坦々ご.  To taste high quality chicken and the sweet Japanese vegetables, the dashi stock would be the best choice instead of the Sichuan hotpot. The spicy hotpot will kill all the flavours.

8/ 【食事】雑炊orうどん

[Meals] Porridge or udon

They forgot to serve this 😉 and I was too embarrassed to ask the host. I wasn’t the one paying so I just kept quiet.


[Sweet] Petite shoe ice


Vanilla ice cream in a puff pastry.

3時間飲み放題 3 Hours All-You-Can-Drink

はせどり 秋葉原店

It is quite common for most izakaya to offer these all-you-can-drink packages. Here, it’s 3 hours for the house pours of sake, shochu, highballs, sours, beers and soft drinks for a token amount (usually about 30~40% of the set menu on top of the meal).

Given that a drink is around ¥300-500 per pour, and one would drink between 5 or more, the package is quite reasonable most of the time.

And usually when that happen, the party gets lively, everybody is less inhibited and you build great friendships along the way. And that’s the office and business culture in Japanese corporations.

There’s other very interesting traditions in these company/business dinner. In the beginning the host will give starting address, yes, a proper thank you for coming. And then at the end, the guest will give an address, also a serious thank you for your hospitality and we will be the best partners, blah blah blah. And then, we do the traditional cheers for a great evening.

You need a big group of friends to enjoy Hasedori.

Hasedori 国産鶏居酒屋 はせどり 秋葉原店
〒101-0025 東京都千代田区神田佐久間町3-34-3 2F
Japan, 〒101-0025 Tokyo, Chiyoda City, Kanda Sakumacho, 3 Chome−34−3 2F
Tel : +81 3-5829-8997

Date Visited : Nov 2019

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