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Maru Sushi 丸壽司 @ Taipei

On the second floor of the Taipei Hauptbahnhof is a collection of restaurants and eateries for the passing passengers on their way to the next destination. Among those, a kaitensushi chain that serves reasonably priced sushi at breakneck speed.

No, Maru Sushi do not just make them and place them on the conveyor belt. The belt is the serving mechanism as all the customers sit in a line around the belt. So the chefs just make the orders and place them in front so the conveyor belt brings it to you. Of course, they would still place a few popular items on the belt during peak hours to save time and encourage consumption.

This is not a gourmet sushi place, don’t judge the service. But the quality of the sushi is definitely better than your usual kaitensushi. Many branches across Taipei, often with long queues at meal time.

No.3, Bei-Ping W. Rd., Taipei 100, Taiwan
(Taipei Main Station 2F)
Tel : (02) 66328999 (2549)

Date Visited : Jun 2019

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