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Eating at the Taipei 故宫

Walking around a museum and feeling hungry? If you are in Asia, most museums come with a rather good cafe attached. In Taipei National Palace Museum 故宫博物院, they have a proper restaurant opened by Regent group 晶华.

You can order set menus or simple set meals in their express section on the ground floor, or for full 10-course in their restaurant section.

For a start, they offered a really good Taiwanese beef noodles. They came in several options for the soup base – braised in red sauce 红烧, stewed in clear stock 清炖, tomato beef stock 番茄牛肉 – and then they allowed you to customise the ingredients – beef briskets, beef tendons and tripes, or both!

A little trivial. Although the origins of the Taiwanese beef noodles have been attributed to Shandong and Sichuan, but it has been said that the soldiers that came with Generalissimo Chiang when the Nationalist lost the civil war used the rations of canned beef and flour to set up noodles store in these temporary military housing compounds called 眷村 juancun, catering to the unwedded uniformed guys. And then these temporary compounds became permanent, and hopes of going back to mainland diminished, these noodles stores remained and became part of the dining culture unique to Taiwan.

Also you can order some popular Taiwan street food, like prawn rolls, chicken poppers, and pork belly rice – some things you usually find in night markets. What a contrast – a $5 snack in building that house billions of dollars of treasures. The experience : priceless.

Tel : 886-2-2882-9393

Date Visited : Feb 2018

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