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Kuroza Akatsuki Rou 黒座暁樓 @ Akasaka

Going to a nice izakaya after work is very common among salary-earners in Japan – a place to relax, get to know your co-workers better, and talk freely with the help of alcohol.

Step back in time and enjoy the spirit of Japan. A wonderful Japanese style restaurant with several different seating options, from counter at bar, to Japanese kotatsu seating with tatami, to private back rooms.

Akasaka area is quiet on weekend and many places are closed, so we walked around and found this place with a black wall with a large noren curtain hanged at the entrance. It seems like we came in from the backside entrance, so we walked through a corridor which is like a nice old Japanese isle, then you come out to the restaurant area which is quiet Japanese-ish with base color of black as well.

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Menu is very difficult to navigate (There is an English menu, but it appears to have far fewer choices than the Japanese menu), so the best way to enjoy this place is to ask the staff for recommendations. Go in with an open mind and trust the staff. At one point they used to have kujira bacon, which is a great way to try whale meat.

Kuroza Akatsuki Rou 黒座暁樓
3-11-3 Akasaka Akasaka Nakagawa Bldg 1F, Akasaka, Minato 107-0052 Tokyo Prefecture
Tel : +81-3-6229-2668

黒座暁樓 赤坂

Date Visited : Sep 2017

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