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Cuisine Cuisine 國金軒 @ TST

We arrived really late in Hong Kong and by the time we were ready for dinner, it was time for supper. Decided not to go far, went into the restaurant right inside of The Mira in TST.

Cuisine Cuisine is a Cantonese restaurant. You’ll be greeted by a striking feature of crystal glass spheres hanging from the ceiling and calming blue and green colours designed by Charles Allem, which help bring the feel of the outside Kowloon Gardens into the dining hall. They like to add the odd modern slant to the Cantonese cooking and regularly create special dim sum, such as crispy frogs’ legs with spicy salt. But their expertise in the Cantonese style is evident in the taste.

The Meal

The “dinner’ was a simple affair but it has a bit of every technique – roast, braised, stir-fry – and ended with a classic fried rice with a twist.

摩利菌素肉燒豆腐 Braised bean curd with gluten and morel mushrooms

素肉燒豆腐 Braised bean curd with gluten and HK choy sum

The bean curd has been stuffed with gluten (faux goose 素鹅) to give two different texture – the soft bean curd and slightly more chewy gluten, smothered with a red braised. I could swear there’s oyster sauce in the red sauce, but it could be mushroom extract. This is supposed to be a vegetarian dish.

如意玉翡翠 Sautéed seasonal vegetables with lily bulb and gingko

如意玉翡翠 Sautéed seasonal vegetables with lily bulb and gingko

Interesting combination of vegetables – snow peas, asparagus, morsel mushrooms sautéed with lily bulb and gingko. Very light and no pressure on the body as you eat this.

國金燒味一品薈萃 Cuisine Cuisine barbecued combination

國金燒味一品薈萃 Cuisine Cuisine barbecued combination

Roasted goose with plum sauce, Crispy pork belly and Chilled jellyfish with sesame

They were out of honey-glazed barbecue pork (commonly known as charsiew) so they replaced it with roast good (even better). They are ordinary, even thought the pork belly skin was crispy and tasty, it did not really shout out. The goose was tender and moist but the skin was not crispy.

琵琶燒乳鴿 Roasted pigeon “Pipa style”

琵琶燒乳鴿 Roasted pigeon “Pipa style”

I am sucker for roast pigeon, particularly for supper. And roasting it like a roast duck really sounded brilliant. And it was. Crispy on the outside, moist and tender on the inside, the pigeon transformed itself like a miniature roast duck. Everything you want on the roast duck, smaller.

國金一品絲苗 Cuisine Cuisine fried rice with foie gras, barbecued pork and shrimps

國金一品絲苗 Cuisine Cuisine fried rice with foie gras, barbecued pork and shrimps

And for the piece de resistance, the fried rice with a twist. There’s bits of foie gras in the fried rice! Sinful, ludicrous, extravagant but beautifully executed. You get bits of char siew (barbecue pork) that provided some sweetness intertwined with the fatty goodness of foie gras and the umami from the shrimps. A perfect ending. Not on the regular menu, just ask for it.

Thanks to the staff for accommodating us so late into the hours, I know its almost closing, but they still took an effort to make sure we enjoyed dinner at a normal pace.

Cuisine Cuisine at The Mira 國金軒
118 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Tel : +852 2315 5222

Cuisine Cuisine

Date Visited : May 2017

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