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Chairment 餐谋天下 @ Changsha

This is one of the first Hunanese cuisine restaurant chain to come out of Changsha. They have really impressive store front but offer reasonably priced cuisine.


I was dining along so I dare not order much. I started with a mashed grilled chilli and century egg, they used a crystal century egg that I have never seen before this. Got a bit worried because of all the food scare in China but it turned because they used a clear soaking liquid instead of mud. There was a special on offer, 蝦蟹一鍋香 spicy prawn and crabs casserole, that included the required cauliflower in spices cooked together with a whole mud crab and prawns. And there’s the silver fern bud that you can’t get elsewhere. And washed it all down with a mutton soup that was really rich.

The whole meal came up to only around CNY 100, which was a huge surprised for the environment I was in. But that was 6 years ago, so I am sure the price has gone up.

What I remembered the most was the really friendly Hunanese waitress. As she can see I was struggling with the mashed century egg – I didn’t know what to do with it – she came over and helped me mashed it. And then she took effort to explain the rest of the dinner to me.

Would recommend if you in the city.

PS: The shop I went to is closed, there are other outlets like the one below, but I am sure it won’t be CNY100 anymore.

Chairment 餐谋天下
远大一路348号, 長沙
Tel : 0731-82167666

Date Visited : Feb 2014

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