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Kushitori 串鳥 @ Taipei

Along a short stretch of Shimin Street near Breeze Center is a congregation of izakayas in Taipei. And for one to survive in a cutthroat environment like that (and at a price that’s not considered accessible for all), there must be some winning strategies.

After a long wait, we were finally ushered to our place and given a typical Taiwanese style order sheet. It listed everything that they have for the season. But do look out for the chalkboards, there may be other hidden gems.


First up, the crab miso wafu salad 蟹味增和風沙拉. For those who don’t know, kani miso is a kind of green/grey paste form which that can be found in a crab, which is said to be the most delicious part of a crab. Accompanied by the sweet and tasty Taiwanese vegetables like asparagus, tomatoes and cabbage. How did the Taiwanese grow their vegetables to be so tasty?

海鱺肚 鮭魚肚 刺身

Next up, the sashimi we ordered – salmon belly, Alfonso belly, scallops and botan shrimps. Fresh, that’s all I ask of you……

鮭魚卵 鮪魚泥蔥花 炙燒日本星鰻 壽司

Three sushi to fill my tummy, ikura gunkan, minced tuna belly with scallions and anago 鮭魚卵 鮪魚泥蔥花 炙燒日本星鰻 壽司.  Not bad.


An interesting combination of grilled mentaiko and yamaimo (mountain yam) 明太子山藥燒 – crumbly with sticky, savoury with sweet.


And something seasonal, grilled bamboo shoot with salt and pepper 茭白筍椒鹽燒.


The only kushiyaki we ordered, yakiton with salt and pepper 鹽烤豬五花肉. Typically, they wouldn’t do it this way in Japan, just salt no pepper. The customer adds the pepper himself. But here, you have to put the salt (and other spices) or the customer would think you have not done your job properly.


This is something not on the menu, grilled sea bream cheeks 烤紅甘魚下巴.

You must be wondering where are all the yakitori. My princesses did not want them, which really defeated the purpose of coming to Kushitori. Nevertheless, there were many other wonderful Izakaya dishes that filled the gap.

The Restaurant

The place was always packed with young people coming for a quick bite before their night out, and later into the night, young people coming from their night out for their supper. In a nutshell – it is popular with the trendy set.

Many said the owners were very yasashi 優しい but we didn’t get to experience that because we were ushered into the basement of the restaurant and away from all the action.

I was feeling quite irate because I didn’t get my yakitori fix, but the prompt and cheery service staff made the whole dinner pleasant. Also, how can you get angry with your love ones over little skewers of delicious BBQ meat.

Kushitori 串鳥炭火直燒居酒屋
台北市大安區市民大道四段136-1號1樓 (捷運忠孝敦化站)
Tel :02-2731-3686

Date Visited : Dec 2016

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