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Baikohken 梅光轩 @ Orchard

Located in the supermarket area at the basement of Ngee Ann City Takashimaya, this ramen place is hidden at one small corner, but definitely should not be missed.

The service of this ramen place is pretty ok, you place the order at the counter, pay and wait for your noodles. The speed of serving is quick so you do not need to be late for that meeting after. Lunchtime queue expected.


Miso ramen

This was their Chef Recommendation and the ingredients are half boiled egg, seaweed, lots of onions, bamboo shoot and a think slice of pork. What was missing to complete the experience is the seaweed. Their thick slices of chashu has a texture of pulled pork, really tender and soft, but I wasn’t a fan of Japanese chashu  so that did not add any addition points for me.


Like most ramen shops, they serve gyozas too. But I would give it a miss as they are not that good.

Personally, I think their ramen is very delicious even though they are not as well know as Ippudo or Santouka. It has a very authentic soup base that would be considered very salty for many. But if you have been to Japan and accustomed to their ramen culture, you will find this saltiness strangely comforting.

Baikohken Ramen Restaurant (Ngee Ann City) 梅光轩
B2 Ngee Ann City, 391 Orchard Road, 238873

Date Visited : Aug 2019

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