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Pang π @ Shenzhen

A surprising good Teochew beef noodles eatery called Pang π – and yes, the symbol Pi is in the name.

Located on the ground floor of an apartment block that I go often for my foot massage is this small little Teochew rice noodle 粿条 store. 旁π (Pang Pi, it’s Mandarin name) sounds like the Teochew phrase 澎湃, which means “eating very well”. I always hear my mom said this, and when I saw the signboard, there’s the usual familiarity with this place.

Different fried stuff

I ordered a small appetisers that made up of three types of fried food – fried bean curd skin 炸腐皮, fried meat roll 炸粿肉 and fried glutinous rice sausage 炸糯米肠.

Teochew beef offals rice noodles 潮州牛杂粿条汤

The soup base was cooked from 3kg of beef bones to produce one kg of clear broth. And it was used for all the noodles dishes. And the kwayteow used was machine-made, unlike the ones I had in Chaozhou that was hand cut.

Teochew hand-cut beef rice noodles 潮州手切牛肉粿条汤

And then there’s the hand cut beef that was simply placed on the blanched noodles and then had the boiling soup poured over it like a pho. This process of quick cooking produced the most tender beef.

The machine made kwayteow

Their rice noodles reminded me of the Thai kwaitiu that looks like vermicelli. But they were definitely the kwayteow I am familiar with. You can asked for more noodles at no extra cost here.

Blanched Lettuce with Fried Shallots 葱油生菜

And then there’s th really fragrant shallots on blanched lettuce to round up the simple yet satisfying meal.

Sometime the best things in life do not cost a lot.

Pang π 旁π牛肉粿条汤
Near Futian Checkpoint inside Checkpoint Mall 口岸商业广场

Date Visited : Nov 2020

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