Edomae 江户前 @ Shenzhen

We were attracted by the number of 5 stars rating given by the users of the food spotting app, and this came up as the Top 10 Teppanyaki place. Decided to give Edomae a try, since I never had teppanyaki in Shenzhen.

The first look at the menu – very expensive for a Japanese restaurant in a shopping mall. Mind you, it is not a speciality sushi restaurant, or a teppanyaki restaurant or a yakitori place – it tried to dabble in everything with a price to match. And the drinks menu, my goodness, was through the roof expensive. We settle for a Teppanyaki set lunch and hot ocha. Mind you, the set for two would still set you back ¥888 after discount.

The tableware used at the tables and at the teppanyaki counters were different, ranging from tacky to elegant.

Garden salad 田园沙拉

Teppanyaki, sort of

They were very proud of their teppanyaki, and I never had it in Shenzhen so I decided to give it a try. Immediately I regretted when they sat us down at the teppan counter and the chef brought out the ingredients. Not exactly the freshest ingredients.

Short ribs on the teppan

It started to remind me of the Taiwanese teppanyaki express that you find in supermarkets. An obscene amount of oil was drizzled on the short ribs which was a cut of meat that Japanese teppanyaki would not use with the bone in because that’s not how they would cut the short rib.

Yellow croaker on the teppan

By the time the croaker was placed on the teppan grill, I have come to the conclusion that this is not what it worked out to be as per the social influencers on the app. All I need is a flat stove top and I can do the same.

Boston lobster 波士顿龙虾

Boston lobster 波士顿龙虾

A pretty lousy lobster, the craws had a strange liquid in them. The tail was overcooked with rather underwhelming techniques.

Teppan Yellow Croaker 铁板石首鱼

Teppan Yellow Croaker 铁板石首鱼

Tasted like how a housewife would pan fried their croakers, nothing teppan about this. The fish was of the frozen type, very fishy.

Teppan Beef Short Ribs 牛仔骨

Teppan Beef Short Ribs 牛仔骨

While it looked delicious, the taste wasn’t. The beef was overdone, the chef did not even bother to ask the doneness we want. I guess she was aware that the beef was not cut out to eat anything less than well done.

Asparagus 芦笋

Asparagus 芦笋

This was the only dish I enjoyed from the teppan. Enough said.

Foie Gras Fried Rice and Clam Miso Soup 鹅肝饭 蛤蜊汤

There was a lot of foie gras in the fried rice, and a lot of clams in the miso soup. While the foie gras was welcomed, the clams weren’t. They were the frozen variety and did not fare well in the miso soup.

Charcoal Grilled Daily Fish Head 炭火烧本日鲜鱼头

Charcoal Grilled Daily Fish Head 炭火烧本日鲜鱼头

OK, the saving grace. The charcoal grilled red snapper head was quite good.

Dessert – Almond Pudding 甜品 – 杏仁豆腐

Dessert – Almond Pudding 甜品 – 杏仁豆腐

The dessert was my favourite almond pudding. Luckily they did not screw this one up.

A Japanese sounding name in Shenzhen with a very beautiful decor to match. I had such high expectations especially with over 4000 likes in the local food spotting app. Again I was disappointed by the quality of the food. The whole place was empty for lunch and that would be another sign for me as well. Not coming back again, and don’t waste your money too.

Edomae Japanese Restaurant 江户前日本料理·铁板烧(皇庭广场店)

Date Visited : Nov 2020

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