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Nadaman なだ万 @ Hong Kong (Part 1)

Nadaman is like the McD of the fine dining world, with kaiseki restaurants all around the world. This one in Hong Kong I have yet to try.

About Nadaman

The Japanese restaurant group Nadaman has been treating discerning diners to the finest kaiseki cuisine since 1830. Island Shangri-La had the notable privilege of establishing the first Nadaman outside of Japan.

In 1830. Mr Mansuke Nadaya (Nadaman) opened his restaurant in Osaka, Japan. Concentrating earnestly on the culinary art, Nadaman has gained a high reputation both amongst the man on the street and many of Japan’s celebrities. Nadaman now presents dishes from one of Japan’s best cuisine, the Kaiseki-ryori.

Chef Takatsugu Koyama started his culinary career in Tokyo, Japan, and has since accumulated 18 years of experience from various restaurants in Japan and Hong Kong.  

Prior to his current position as head chef of Nadaman at Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong, he was assistant chief chef at Nadaman’s Akasaka Zipangu branch. Before that, he was an assistant sushi chef at Sushi Arisugawa in Tokyo, Japan.

和牛懷石 Wagyu Kaiseki

お献立 Menu

  1. 先付 First appetiser
    1. お浸し Boiled Spinach in Bonito Dashi
    2. あん肝ポン酢ゼリ Monkfish liver with ponzu jelly
    3. 子ダコの煮物 Boiled webfoot octopus
  2. 前菜 Second appetiser
    1. 刺身 Sashimi
  3. 蒸物 Steamed dish
    1. 茶碗蒸し 雲丹 山葵 Steamed egg custard Sea urchin Wasabi
  4. サラダ Salad
    1. なだ万サラダ Nadaman Salad
  5. 煮物 Simmered Course
    1. たけのこの土佐煮 Simmered bamboo shoot
  6. 主菜 Main course
    1. 特選鹿児島牛肉網焼き Grilled sliced Kagoshima sirloin beef
  7. 食事 Rice
  8. デザート Dessert
    1. 苺ムース Strawberry mousse

先付 First appetiser

酒菜三種盛 Shusai Sanshumori

酒菜三種盛 Shusai Sanshumori came with three seasonal appetisers.

お浸し Boiled Spinach in Bonito Dashi

Ohitashi お浸し Boiled Spinach in Bonito Dashi

Ohitashi お浸し refers to a dish in which vegetables are steeped in a dashi-based sauce. It’s a common Japanese cooking technique we use for preparing vegetable dishes. This method infuses the ingredients with dashi’s umami and subtle flavor but still retains its natural taste. The spinach ohitashi is a classic Japanese side dish, made of blanched spinach steeped in light dashi soy broth and garnished with bonito flakes.

あん肝ポン酢ゼリ Monkfish liver with ponzu jelly

あん肝ポン酢ゼリ Monkfish liver with ponzu jelly

Another izakaya favourite, ankimo あん肝 monkish liver is usually paired with ponzu sauce. But they have made the sauce into a jelly, very refreshing.

子ダコの煮物 Boiled webfoot octopus

子ダコの煮物 Boiled webfoot octopus

At first it looked like a normal plate of boiled octopus, which was not exciting. Then I picked up a piece of the head and the voila, I hit treasure!

Egg sacs in the octopus head

They’re full of delicious roe! The uncooked egg sac looks like a white egg yolk, but inside it’s full of small white eggs that look like grains of rice. If cut open slightly before cooking, the sac “blooms” into a shape that resembles a chrysanthemum. And the body is also sweet and full of nutrients stored up before spawning. 

前菜 Second appetiser

刺身 Sashimi

刺身 Sashimi

Three cuts of fish – maguro (tuna), hiramasa (yellowtail) and tai (sea bream). Nothing exciting.

蒸物 Steamed dish

茶碗蒸し 雲丹 山葵 Steamed egg custard Sea urchin Wasabi

茶碗蒸し 雲丹 山葵 Steamed egg custard Sea urchin Wasabi

Chawanmushi luxe version – with fresh Bafun uni and a small drop of freshly grated wasabi. Very delicious, silky smooth.

サラダ Salad

なだ万サラダ Nadaman Salad

なだ万サラダ Nadaman Salad

It was simple salad consisting of sliced of raw radish, mizuna lettuce, fennel and micro greens with a sesame sauce.

煮物 Simmered Course

たけのこの土佐煮 Simmered bamboo shoot

たけのこの土佐煮 Simmered bamboo shoot

Umani 旨煮 is a Japanese simmered dish, think of it as a stew of meat and root vegetables in dashi, sake, mirin, and soy sauce. Takenoko no Tosani たけのこの土佐煮 is a variation where the meat takes a backseat and the bamboo shoot becomes the star of the stew.

Bamboo shoot, snow pea, burdock and beef brisket

Here, the bamboo shoot and burdock were infused with the meaty taste of the beef brisket used while imparting their own sweetness and nuttiness. A very satisfying stew.

主菜 Main course

特選鹿児島牛肉網焼き Grilled sliced Kagoshima sirloin beef

特選牛肉網焼き Grilled sliced sirloin beef
御飯、香の物、味噌汁 Rice, pickles and miso soup

We took an upgrade for the Kagoshima A4 wagyu and the beef didn’t not disappoint. It still melted in our mouths even though it was done at medium. I would love for it to be medium rare though; that’s how beef are to be eaten, but my guest thought otherwise. One complain though. The beef was grilled on the teppanyaki hot plate and lack the smokey flavours that you get from a charcoal grill.

食事 Rice

御飯、香の物、味噌汁 Rice, pickles and miso soup

The grilled beef came with the steamed rice, Japanese pickles and a bowl of miso soup. What was really good was the kombu tsukudani 昆布の佃煮 seasoned kelp.

デザート Dessert

苺ムース Strawberry mousse

苺ムース Strawberry mousse

Strawberry is the fruit of spring in Japan, and Japanese people take it seriously with strawberries. The mousse is rich but also fluffy and light, and it is great after meal kind of dessert.


This is the seventh Nadaman I have been to and the second overseas. I couldn’t say I did not enjoy it, but I wouldn’t say I really enjoy it. It has a very hospitable staff that made us felt uncomfortable; the waitress was overzealous in explaining everything to us as if this was the first time we had kaiseki. The environment was not top notch and need a refresh.

The food was capable but alas, this is the food capital of Asia, Hong Kong has plenty of choices that are better than Nadaman. They would have to bring their A game in this competitive market.

Nadaman なだ万 at Island Shangri-La
7/F, Island Shangri-La Hong Kong, Pacific Place, Supreme Court Road, Hong Kong
Tel : +852 2820 8570

Visited Mar 2023

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