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Fei Ye Ye 肥爷爷 @ Chinatown

They used to feature the soy sauce chicken, which the owner learnt in New York before coming back to Singapore to open Fei Ye Ye. This is the first time I tried their wanton noodles.

You cannot miss this store, it’s the first store you will see coming out of the elevator. Fei Ye Ye 肥爷爷 is run by husband and wife team, Sebastian Ang and Leong Soo Mei “May”. Sebastian learnt his craft from the Taiwanese and Hong Kong restaurants he worked for in New York City in the 1980s and 1990s. He took over his grandfather store in 2015 and rename it Fei Ye Ye (literally “fat grandpa”).

They stopped serving soy sauce chicken after Malaysia’s export ban on fresh chooks in 2022 and streamlined the menu to focus on wontons, dumplings, charsiu and braised chicken feet. The whole place is like a factory production line – You place the order when you reach the end of the line; May takes the order; Sebastian will cook the noodles; May will put the condiments on the noodles.

And finally, soup is added onto the dumplings, wantons and noodles according to the orders taken.

For this morning’s breakfast, we ordered wanton mee dry, wanton horfun soup, additional wantons and dumplings.

The wanton mee was old school, with the chewy egg noodles and you have to mix the pork lard with the chilli yourself. The charsiu that came with the wanton noodles were not just coloured slices of pork, but really flavoursome Cantonese-style BBQ charsiu that is comparable to some of the Cantonese BBQ stores in the same hawker centre.

There’s the soup version available too. Same formula but without the chilli sauce.

Wanton in soup

The wantons were about the size of marbles, the skin was quite thick (machine made these days), and the filling was quite bland. I was quite disappointed by their wantons.

Dumpling in soup

But it was the dumplings that amazed us.

Each one had ample filling and they added carrot and water chestnut for crunch and more variety of flavour. There wasn’t much pork or prawn, but the vegetables compensated in terms of texture and taste.

BTW, they also sell lohei during the Chinese New Year period, and they close for an extensive period after that.

Fei Ye Ye Food Traditional 肥爷爷传统美食
Blk 335, Smith Street #02-177, Chinatown Complex, Singapore 050335

Visited Apr 2023

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