Gangshan Mutton Hotpot 岡山羊肉爐

It was a very strange phenomenon that you have a town in South Taiwan that specialises in Mutton Hotpot.  Gangshan is a small town in Kaohsiung and in a block around the size of Toa Payoh, you have something like 20 shops that sell cuisine that feature mutton, in particular mutton hotpot called 羊肉爐. Advertisements

You can get fat in Tokyo

I had one of the best job in the world, traveling the places and trying out new things. And due to the job nature, I could get fat very easily if not careful. The challenge was to avoid empty carbs or really worthless carbs and reserved them for the really worthy ones. Tokyo is the…

Michelin Singapore 2016

Yes, the acclaimed and anticipated list has finally landed in Singapore. The country of 5MN  food critics had their field day – critiques, food trips, photos, blogs. I too was star struck and went back to my lists and posts to see how many have I covered.

A Week in Israel

Hummus, mezza, salads, kebabs and grills. These are what conjured when you mention Middle Eastern food. Despite the political situation classifying Israel as Europe, there’s no doubt the cuisine and local fare are more Middle Eastern than European. But Tel Aviv is a cosmopolitan European city by the Medditeranean so the chic cafe culture is…

Kuehs and Snacks 老婶阿嬷潮州粿 @ ABC Brickworks

Traditional eats are fading away as each generations either retire or moved on. This Teochew Kueh has been a favorite of my family since I can remember. Of course, my mother’s kuehs were still the best. But when you could not get them, these will still do.

Kum Gao Kei 金九記 @ HK

Seafood in Hong Kong IMHO is the best in the world. Not only do they have the variety due to the central location among the producers in the regions plus an excellent logistics hub that bring in the delicious morsels from faraway lands, the cooks in Hong Kong have always never fail to excite me…

Torihiko とり彦 @ Meguro, Tokyo

とり彦 The establishment did not allow photos of the place so you have to take my words for it. The room was filled with a soft, non intrusive background music of jazz classics. The chef (and the owner) danced to the rhythm of the Jazz, fanning the whiffs of smoke and controlling the temperature of…

貓頭鷹文創館 @ Taipei

This is not really a restaurant though it served snacks and coffee. It is highly recommended for a quiet afternoon or evening, enjoying the sunset or the quiet coastal scenery at Tamshui in Taipei.

22 Ships @ Hong Kong

Tapas bar by Jason Atherton. Found in a really non-describe neighborhood in Wanchai. Make a trip there if you must.

XiHuLou 西湖樓 @ Changsha

The western side of Changsha was once a cowboy town – the congregation of the new immigrants into the city, with lots of hostels and BnB. With the relocation of Hunan Media Group and the film studios to that part of the city, the place experienced a boom in recent times. Especially when 7 of…

Haj Kahil @ Tel Aviv

Before we started the meal, I was warned by my hosts that it would be a big meal. “Nobody leaves Haj Kahil hungry.” were his exact words. Haj Kahil is an Arabic restaurant found in the centuries-old town of Jaffa. For those unacquainted with Jaffa, this was known in recent history by Napoleon and ancient…

Filipino Food

Think Filipino food you would most likely think Adobo and Belut. Adobo is the way of cooking using Soy Sauce, Vinegar and Wine. Belut is the 18 day old duck embryo cooked in the egg. Not very exciting. That’s why I had eaten Chinese, Japanese, Western and everything else, but very little Filipino when I…