Goodbye, Anthony Bourdain

Was so sad waking up today morning and reading this really sad news. It’s was kind of melancholy, I was googling AB and Spain, hoping to look for the episode where he tried El Bulli, Espinaler and other wonderful Spanish delights.


Never thought someone would use the same (similar) phrase, “Eat Well, Laugh Loud, Live Long”. Many years ago, I obtained a copy of an autographed version of “The Teenage Textbook” by Adrian Tan. Adrian wrote in my copy, “Laugh Loud, Live Long”, and I thought it was really good advice. When I started this blog,…

Best Eats of 2014 (Singapore)

2014 has been a year of changes. First, I changed my job. Nothing spectacular. Moving from one position to another. However, the new position brought me to new worlds and a new domain. Second, I changed my taste in food. No more big appetites, buffets. Simple stuff, natural. In 2014, I spent 167 days either…

Airline Food – Love or Loathe It

My work brings me to all over the world, and part and parcel of these traveling is airline food. I am not referring to the gourmet stuff they serve you at business and first class. I am talking about the stuff you get at economy class.

Goodbye Thye Moh

Thye Moh was the cake shop of choice for many Teochew families – we buy moon cakes, wedding cakes, cakes for ancestor worships, cakes for elders’ birthdays, sugar lions for religious worship – all except maybe your four-year-old birthday. Now this place will be another place in our history book.

Chinese Set Menus

I had recently gone for 2 set menus at 2 very different restaurants. For those who are acquainted with me know that I am one who is adventurous with food, and often explore the realms of the ala carte world with gusto (and thick wallets). However difficult times call for prudent measures, and opulence is…

My Favourite City – Hong Kong

Hong Kong remains my favourite city in the world. Good food, convenience, always something going on are some of the reasons why I like HK. You just have to admire the tenacity of the people of HK, being able to squeeze so many things within so lttle sq.ft, it never fails to amaze me. I…