Dining on the Shinkansen

I don’t think the Japanese invented the High Speed Railway (HSR). But they have perfected the meals that you can bring on to one of these HSR trip. Every stop along the way, they serve a specialty bento 便当. The noun actually made it to Chinese, to represent a really simple lunchbox.

Kyoto and Nara

Started with Tokyo, spent a few days in Kyoto and decided to spend a day trip to Nara.

Arashiyama, Kyoto

A UNESCO World Heritage site for the bamboo forest, the mountain in Autumn was beautiful. The Monky Sanctuary was a long hike up but a children’s favourite. Just take the electric tram to this enchanting corner of Kyoto. Make sure you have a whole day there.

Autumn in Japan

Autumn is my favourite season. Falling leaves coating the land in amber and yellow. It is the golden season. And Japan offers one of the most beautiful autumn views. These were taken during the Autumn break of Dec 2017.

Remaking 西营盘

Sai Ying Pun is located at the Western side of Hong Kong Island. It was a sleepy part of Hong Kong, where many stores sell dried sundry goods that are used in Chinese cooking and medicines. With the extension of the MTR to Sai Ying Pun, a lease of life is injected to the precinct…

Sakura 2017 Tokyo

Every year, cherry blossoms signal the arrival of spring in Japan. The whole hanami season goes from south of Japan starting at Okinawa and ends in the north island of Hokkaido. You get to see them at different times in different regions and the Met service in Japan gives a prediction of the blossoms. Enjoy the…

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum is a Dutch national museum[ dedicated to arts and history in Amsterdam. The museum is located at the Museum Square in the borough Amsterdam South, close to the Van Gogh Museum, the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, and the Concertgebouw.

Yad Vashem

Also know as the World Holocaust Remembrance Centre, this museum is the most unforgettable one I have visited. The atrocities of the Holocaust, the evil of man – how can man become pure evil? Where’s the righteousness? Come, look, feel. Never again.

Changsha Bamboo Slips Museum

Bamboo slips were used a instruments of records before the invention of paper. One downside, they decomposed. Very environmental friendly, not great for record keeping, particularly in the wet and hot climate of Changsha.