Michelin Taipei 2018

The stars have landed in Taipei, and I am sure there will be a frenzy of star gazers going to these fine restaurants. And I am pretty sure the prices will become astronomical in a flash.

Michelin Singapore 2016

Yes, the acclaimed and anticipated list has finally landed in Singapore. The country of 5MN  food critics had their field day Рcritiques, food trips, photos, blogs. I too was star struck and went back to my lists and posts to see how many have I covered.

A Hong Kong Wedding Dinner

Hong Kong is the gourmet capital of Asia, so how’s a wedding dinner like in the Pearl of the Orient? Definitely not your run-of-the-mill type, not in the Banker’s Club. The outstanding dish for the evening was the Glutinous Rice with Preserved Meat. A roadside delicacy, this has been updated to a gourmet dish.

The All New Live2Makan Blog

Due to itchy-fingers and self-taught SQL commands, my entire database was overwritten without any backup. HOW CAN I VIOLATE THE FIRST RULE OF COMPUTING – BACKUP!! So the the entire live2makan.com archive was wiped in a single commit. Good riddance. It’s time for live2makan.com MKII. The focus will only be on good eats, and I…