They say, if you love what you do, you are not working at all. But if you ask any 5-year old, what does he/she want to do when they grow up, I can bet you the answer will never be, “I want to be a travelling salesman!”

I have been a salesman all my life, spending most of my adulthood on the road. I spent over 150 nights in hotels,  earned my platinum badges for several travel loyalty programs, and most of these time I never took any real look at the surroundings I was in.

I started with shuttling between Hong Kong and Singapore. Then I was based there and travelled inland to China and westwards to Taiwan. And as my career (and waistline) progressed, travelled more and more to Pacific, India, and sometimes Europe and Americas for my work. I missed my family yet I love my job!

Because of my job, I have to entertain a fair bit, and therefore I took the effort to chronicle the food adventures with Live2Makan. But along the way, I got to enjoy a view like the one in the feature picture taken in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Enough of food porn! So this little section is to share all the trinkets of memories that are not gastronomic in nature.


One of my favourite itinerary was to visit the museums. Museums always fascinate me, how people lived in the past, and a reflection of how we can live better from a moral altitude and civil responsibilities.

Airline Food

And since you travel, you must love inflight catering!

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