J travels all the time, eats out very often, and loves to try all things edible. He keeps a back pocket list of favourites and a huge database of places he has been. Friends always ask him for suggestions of where to go. This blog is set up specially for them.

There are 4 main categories in which he classifies everything.

1/ Fine Dining

Restaurants in this category are a notch above all in terms of the overall experience, the cooking and presentation, and the service. Be prepared to pay extra $$ for this meal. To thoroughly enjoy these places, dress well, bring a close companion, relax and enjoy the evening.

2/ Good Eats

Forget about wine lists, impressing your date or business associates, these are places to enjoy food and enjoy life. You can almost always get a good meal and pay reasonable prices with competent service to match.

3/ Simple Fare

Once in a while, one stumbles on a food stall, roadside hawker, a nondescript eatery that served great food. Most of them have only one trick up their sleeves, but they do it with love and perfection.

4/ Blacklist

Anyone that made this category would not survive in the cutthroat F&B industry. Put into a list to warn his friends not to waste money and calories. Luckily a short list but never proven wrong!

And then he keeps a record of some memorable trips, food and non-food related.

Foodie Trips

Besides traveling for work, he would travel for food. Here’s some of these compilations of special food-seeking trips.

Random Thoughts

As the category suggest, these are just random writings about topics of the moment and covers all kinds of topics.


Besides eating, J likes to cook too. And these are some of his favourite recipes.


Some places he visited are interesting, especially his interests in ancient civilisations and museums.


None of the restaurant paid to be on this blog. And because taste is subjective, he takes no responsibility if one finds any of the recommendation or description inaccurate. Neither does he take criticism of his tastes – he liked it, you don’t, too bad.

Of course, he would be more than happy to be invited to tasting sessions. Again, no commercial arrangement or endorsement of any sort will be solicited from him, he just likes to eat. He will definitely give a frank opinion.

To contact J – write to j@live2makan.com

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