It came with the job description – J travels all the time, eats very often, and eats everywhere. As such, he has built up a list of favourites and fond memories. Friends and associates always ask where to go for this and that. This blog is set up specially for them.


Here’s how the categories are divided

Fine Dining

Be prepared to pay extra $$ for this meal. Wine lists are extensive and expensive. The overall experience has to been a notch above the rest. The food cannot be below par in any way. To thoroughly enjoy the experience, dress well and bring a companion to enjoy the evening. Most of these places do cater to the business suits, but it must be a huge expense budget.

Good Eats

Places that have food in the centre of their universe. Environment is secondary, the food is the star in the joint. Forget about wine lists, or impressing your date or business associates, these are places to enjoy food and enjoy life.

Simple Fare

Simple food for simple man – Once in a while, one stumbles on a food stall, roadside hawker, a nondescript restaurant that served great food. Most of these practitioners have only one trick up their sleeves, but they do it with perfection. The Wanton Mee man who has perfected his secret chilli sauce with 30 years experience, the Ah Ma kueh that would be lost with the passing of her generation. It may not be consistent, so the taste may differ, but worth a check out if you are around the vicinity.

Foodie Trips

And sometime, one has some downtime and therefore decides to explore beyond the comforts of the posh restaurants.


Anyone that made this category would not survive in the cutthroat F&B industry. Never  proven wrong!


None of the restaurant paid to be on this blog. And because taste is subjective, he takes no responsibility if one finds any of the recommendation or description inaccurate. Neither does he take criticism of his tastes – he liked it, you don’t, too bad.

Of course, he would be more than happy to be invited to tasting sessions. Again, no commercials, he just likes to eat.

To contact J – write to j@live2makan.com

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