Tsukiji Sushi Say @ Ginza

If Tsukiji is the centre of all the world’s freshest seafood, then Ginza is the centre of the world’s best sushi. Besides the famous Jiro of Ginza, whom Robuchon called the most exquisite taste he has ever eaten (Jiro returned the compliment by saying Robuchon has the best tastebud in the world), Ginza is the…

Jige @ Tsukiji, Tokyo

This blog post is quite bloody. We are going to eat like Flintstones. Jige at Tsujiki is a Kushiyaki Sake Bar, but their claimed to fame was their serving of Bone-in Tuna Sashimi called Maguro Nakaochi (鮪中落ち).

Sushi Nogawa @ Concorde Hotel

Nogawa’s claim to fame is the fact that it is the first Sushi restaurant in Singapore. Not that they introduced sushi to Singapore, but they brought the Ginza Sushi restaurant concept to Singapore back in 1978.

Sushi Zanmai @ Asakusa

Sushi Zanmai claim to fame was the owner Kiyoshi Kimura’s crazy acts of bidding the most expensive bluefin tuna at the annual Tsukiji New Year Auctions. He last won the 2017 bid at a cool ¥74.2MN, yes that close to ¥5000 per slice of sushi which he sold at ¥428 a piece at Zanmai.

Sushi Kyotatsu @ Narita

Everytime before I transit in Narita or leave Japan from Narita, there’s one stop that I would make – Sushi Kyotatsu(寿司 京辰).

Mikuni Japanese Restaurant @ Fairmont Singapore

Mikuni has always been quite good and reliable along the years since it was still Inagiku. And of course, my good friend Chef Eric continued to hold the helm at the Teppanyaki section. But with the new Executive Chef Moon Kyung Soo, the a la carte selection has improved as well.

Genki Sushi @ Orchard Central

Genki Sushi A children’s favorite sushi chain, because of the cute conveyor system they have in place. It was a brilliant idea given the shortage of manpower and yet solved the problem of sushi drying out in a traditional conveyor system. I think Genki has hit it right the second round after the long exit…

白木屋 Shirokiya@ AMK

Bijin Nabe, or Beauty Pot, has been quite a craze recently. Basically it is a hotpot with added collagen – gel-like substance reduced from boiling a lot of chicken feet and other part of a chicken with lots of collagen. Count thy calories, my friends!

Mikuni @ Fairmont (Winter/Fugu sets)

Fugu poison kills, and this is well-known by all and detractors give this as the primary reason for not worth the try. Only a handful of highly trained professionals can be entrusted with processing this toxic fish. And still poisoning is a common thing every year in Japan. What more can we expect elsewhere? Try…