Ichiban Eatery @ Taipei

I have said many times that the best Japanese food outside of Japan can be found in Taiwan. Taiwan has been blessed with the best ingredients that are used for Japanese cuisine, and as a result of the colonization by Japanese produced an exemplary crop of Japanese chefs training locally. Thus they are more creative,…

四哥的店 @ Taipei

Located up in the hills of Maokong, you can take a cable car from Maokong station next to the Taipei Zoo. This restaurant served tea-inspired dishes in a rustic setting.

貓頭鷹文創館 @ Taipei

This is not really a restaurant though it served snacks and coffee. It is highly recommended for a quiet afternoon or evening, enjoying the sunset or the quiet coastal scenery at Tamshui in Taipei.

Mitsui 三井日本料理

Mitsui is one of the premium Japanese restaurant in Taipei. From a humble 10 seater to the current 7 restaurants serving the fines Japanese food, Mitsui showed the way of the apprentice overtaking the master. I find the creativity here endless, and coupled with the freshest ingredients, you have Japanese par excellance. I started going…

犇鐵板燒 Ben Teppanyaki @Taipei

Other than Japan, no other place has embraced the Japanese culinary cultures and made it its own. I am talking about Taiwan. Despite a period of colonization by the Japanese, the Taiwanese has not rejected this kink in history to disown all the best of Japan has to offer. And Teppanyaki, a live cooking style…

小張龜山島現撈海產 XiaoZhang Seafood @ Taipei

Taiwan is an island just like Singapore and therefore is blessed with some of the best produce of the sea. Unlike Singapore, the produce are from the regional waters around the island and you get the best of South China Sea, Taiwan Straits and Japan Sea. So you get prawns and fishes from tropical waters…

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon @ Taipei

Joël Robuchon is the most Michelin starred chef in history. His flagship Joël Robuchon are the mostly 3-starred, and the L’Ateliers are mostly 2-starred. Taipei does not have its own Michelin list, but if it did, this L’Atelier would have got its well-deserved 2-stars.

紅豆食府 Red Bean Shanghai

This restaurant is famous on 2 things: the daughter of the owner is married to  a very prominent Taiwanese politician, and they served very good Shanghainese food.

真的好 Really Good Seafood Taipei

For countries like Singapore, SKorea, Hong Kong, etc where you are surrounded by water, seafood is prominently featured in the daily lives and cooking. You get specialist seafood restaurants like Jumbo where live fish and crustaceans swim among exotic (and sometime unknown) aquatic specimens. So it was quite a surprise that you cannot find good…

King Join 京兆尹 Taipei

King Join 京兆尹 is a culinary institution in Taipei. Located in the CBD district, just off the traffic circus in Tunhua Road, they have served the rich and famous in Taiwan since KMT retreated to the island and brought their elephant along (story about the elephant in another blog). What they have also brought along…