Torai Ryotei 渡来料亭 @ Shenzhen

Japan’s most successful export would be Japanese cuisine. Everyone likes Japanese food – they are pleasing to look at and (most of time) tasty. As China became more affluent and more were exposed to proper Japanese cuisine, restaurants like Toro Ryotei started to pop up.

Victory Once Again

This place has become our canteen in Shenzhen. Very good food at a reasonable price.

Chinese Sauerkraut Fish 太二 @ Shenzhen

I have wanted but avoided coming to this restaurant. The queue was usually between 1~2 hours, and there’s only one dish on the menu. This is the crazy phenomenon called Chinese Sauerkraut Fish.

Victory Restaurant @ Shenzhen

Shenzhen is like the Silicon Valley these days. It is filled with high tech companies and start-up trying to bring the latest innovations to the world. In the process, hopefully, the founders become the next billionaire. Thankfully amidst these hustle and bustle, some things never change

Victory Revisited

Victory Restaurant is a frequent eat for me when I visit Shenzhen. Besides the live seafood tanks in front of the restaurant, the unmistakeable snake jar at the entrance are signatures of this restaurant right next to the Snake park next to Kingdee 100. If you take the subway, alight at the Grand Theatre on…