Shibuya Matsukawa @ Toyko

Grilled eel, called unagi no kabayaki in Japanese, is a popular dish in Japan. Kabayaki is a cooking method unique to Japan where you slice open eels to remove their bones and broil them with sweet and salty sauce made from soy sauce and mirin until brown.

Yoshimura Kiyomizu-an @ Kyoto

Three things you have to eat in Kyoto –  macha-flavoured stuff, tofu and soba. You can get all three in Arashiyama, but the place to have your soba fix is at Kiyomizu.

Dutch Raw Herring

In Amsterdam, fish stands sell raw herring (‘haring’), a soused raw fish with a strong taste. Dutch raw herring is hugely popular in Amsterdam. In Holland, people have been eating raw herring for over 600 years. For foreigners it might be a bit strange to eat a raw fish that has nothing to do with…

Tsim Chai Kee 沾仔記 @ Central

Wanton noodles in Hong Kong is like chicken rice in Singapore, it’s so difficult to find one that’s really good, but you can’t really find one that’s really bad as well.

Liao Fan @ TPY

When Hawker Chan got his Michelin star, he would not have imagined how his simple store in the Chinatown market would become an empire that has branches in Taipei, Sydney, Hong Kong, with more opening soon in a city near you.

Fiery Food at Fire Temple

Located in Changsha, Hunan Province, is an ancient temple called the Fire Temple 火宫殿. Fire Temple was founded in 1577 during the Ming dynasty, but it was not famous because of the Fire God that was worshipped here. It was famous for the stinky tofu that Chairman Mao once loved so much that he lamented…

Ah Huat Wanton Noodles @ Dunman Food Centre

Hidden in the basement of Dunman Food Centre is an old-timer Singapore-style Wanton Noodle stall. Ah Huat has been selling wanton noodles all his life, first working for the famed Ang Moh Wanton Noodles in AMK and now operating his own stall in Dunman Food Centre.

Surprise at Starbucks

Custard with Salty Egg Yolk Mini Mooncake from Starbucks. Surprising that it was not too bad, especially with a mug of unsweetened black coffee.

Satay By The Bay @ Marina Bay

A modern update on the Satay Club along the old Esplanade tradition, Satay By the Bay tries to recapture the hawker atmosphere of fragrant satay grilling away while the sea breeze blew. Well, this place did not capture any breeze and looking for the entrance was a challenge for one. I would recommend it for…

Kuehs and Snacks 老婶阿嬷潮州粿 @ ABC Brickworks

Traditional eats are fading away as each generations either retire or moved on. This Teochew Kueh has been a favorite of my family since I can remember. Of course, my mother’s kuehs were still the best. But when you could not get them, these will still do.

Street food @ Hsinchu 新竹城隍廟

When you visit Taiwan, do leave an empty stomach for its street foods. There are many good restaurants but nothing beats the street food around every corner of the cities and towns. Many cities have a night market called 夜市 (pasar malam in Singapore) where you can find a bargain (and often bad quality) knick-knacks…