Beerthai Bok Tor @ Golden Mile

My office is located in an area what is affectionately referred to as “Little Bangkok”. Between two buildings, Golden Mile Complex and Golden Mile Tower, there are more than 20 Thai and Mookata restaurants. And Beerthai Bok Tor is one of the office favourite.

Yok Yor @ Sydney

Went back to Sydney after a long trip around China and Melbourne. Wanted something spicy. Yok Yor came to mind with their authentic Issan-influenced Thai food.

Red Spice Road @ Melbourne

Modern Asian food in a sprawling space with bar, courtyard and tables next to a huge red lantern, Red Spice Road received a lot of accolades from Melbournites and other gourmands that throttled through the beautiful back lanes.

Yok Yor – Thai Food Factory @ Sydney

Sydney is a migration city. From the first British convicts and their carers, to the recent influx of Mainland Chinese and Eastern Europeans, each group brought their culinary finest and memories of home with them. Unlike the ChineseĀ and Tex-Mex restaurants in US, these are authentic renditions of hometown favourites. One of the most exportable tastes,…

Hanuman @ Darwin

Raining heavily due to Cyclone Nathan. Luckily this restaurant next to Doubletree Hilton in Darwin wasn’t too bad. Thai decor but served Indian food! A few Thai influenced dishes like Pad Thai and Tom Yum. Other than that it’s curries and naans. Conclusion after dinner – this restaurant is more Thai than Indian.

Have a Zeed by Steak Lao

Bangkok is peppered with lots of good eats – it can be a high-end restaurant in a colonial bungalow, a simple restaurant in a street market – you seldom get something too off the mark. Have a Zeed (pronouced as “Seat”) is housed in a modern shopping mall just opened in 2012. Easily accessible from…

Good Eats in Bangkok – Ihsan Style

I am still figuring out my Thai vocabulary. So far, it has been limited to 4 words – Gai, Moo, Goong and Nam. And I have been practicing ordering in Thai and have little results to show – so for the time being, only Pad Thai, Rad Na, Tom Yam Goong, Som Tam will be…