The Singapura Club @ Bugis

Nested in the über-chic neighbourhood of Haji Lane was a little cafe called The Singapura Club. It featured updated versions of favourites from a murtabak stall. Advertisements

Uncle Sam’s Claypot @ Robinson Road

Uncle Sam’s Claypot Rice on Robinson Road is a familiar lunchtime haunt for CBD dwellers. The institution has been there since 1995, and we would always say “claypot rice next to MPH”. 

Gangshan Mutton Hotpot 岡山羊肉爐

It was a very strange phenomenon that you have a town in South Taiwan that specialises in Mutton Hotpot.  Gangshan is a small town in Kaohsiung and in a block around the size of Toa Payoh, you have something like 20 shops that sell cuisine that feature mutton, in particular mutton hotpot called 羊肉爐.

Nanxiang 南翔小笼包 @ Shanghai

I was out for my daily morning walk on a chilly Shanghai morning, I made a detour to Yuyuan from The Bund in search for a breakfast pitstop. 25min later, I came to an empty Yuyuan (7am in the morning) and enjoyed a little sight-seeing without the maddening Chinese crowd. Early bird gets the worm….

Ah Huat Wanton Noodles @ Dunman Food Centre

Hidden in the basement of Dunman Food Centre is an old-timer Singapore-style Wanton Noodle stall. Ah Huat has been selling wanton noodles all his life, first working for the famed Ang Moh Wanton Noodles in AMK and now operating his own stall in Dunman Food Centre.

Surprise at Starbucks

Custard with Salty Egg Yolk Mini Mooncake from Starbucks. Surprising that it was not too bad, especially with a mug of unsweetened black coffee.

Satay By The Bay @ Marina Bay

A modern update on the Satay Club along the old Esplanade tradition, Satay By the Bay tries to recapture the hawker atmosphere of fragrant satay grilling away while the sea breeze blew. Well, this place did not capture any breeze and looking for the entrance was a challenge for one. I would recommend it for…

Kuehs and Snacks 老婶阿嬷潮州粿 @ ABC Brickworks

Traditional eats are fading away as each generations either retire or moved on. This Teochew Kueh has been a favorite of my family since I can remember. Of course, my mother’s kuehs were still the best. But when you could not get them, these will still do.

Les Patisseries @ TPY Central

Les Patisseries is a small little bistro set up by a couple of friends. Looked like they were pastry chefs because the main item is pastry. Unfortunately I am counting calories, and therefore I have to skip most of the food there. But I am so glad that you can find these entrepreneurial spirits right…

Joy Hing @ Wanchai, HK

Hong Kong is the de facto food capital of the world and when they introduced Michelin stars in Hong Kong and Macau, many critics were up in arms. How do you grade an outlet like Joy Hing?

Ling Zhi | 灵芝 @ Novena Square

It was my birthday at we decided to go for some light lunch at Ling Zhi | 灵芝, the vegetarian restaurant. We were craving for their vegetarian rojak, and I was trying to cut down the calories as well as sugar, salt and fat intakes.

Hong Ngek Restaurant 风月酒家 @ KL

Once in a while a eatery came along and you felt that there’s still hope for humanity. Hong Ngek was one of them. Unassuming kopitiam around Central Market in KL, this Hakka restaurant featured down-to-earth cooking and a price to match. The lunch was RM 14 (US$4) – where to find in Singapore, even Malaysia?